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Monopoly Go Aqua Partners rewards

Dive into the new Monopoly Go Aqua Partners event and grab all the wonderful rewards available as you build up some ocean-themed projects.

Monopoly Go aqua partners - the monopoly man wearing a suit and a hat on a blurred blue background

The Monopoly Go Aqua Partners event is here, and we’re ready to make a splash by working with other players. Each project has five levels of rewards available, and don’t forget the grand prize which includes an exclusive event-themed board token. Scroll down to see all the details.

To get you going, here are all the free Monopoly Go dice to fill your wallet. Check out all the events going on with our Monopoly Go wiki, too, and see how you can protect your board with Monopoly Go shields.

When is the Monopoly Go Aqua Partners event?

The Monopoly Go Aqua Partners event is on now and runs until June 28, 2024. This gives you plenty of time to make a splash and get as many rewards as you can.

What is the Monopoly Go Aqua Partners event?

Aqua Partners is – as the name suggests – another partner event in Monopoly Go where you need to team up with other players and build attractions. You can team up with up to four people, and work on four projects at once. Once you have a partner, you can spin a wheel to gain points, which costs event tokens.

Don’t worry, these tokens are super easy to get. They appear on random spaces on your board, and you can get them during other in-game tournaments while the partner event is on.

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Monopoly Go Aqua Partners rewards

Each time you level up a project with your partner, you unlock a reward, and each project has five levels – that’s 20 prizes you can win throughout the building phase. The amount of dice you receive may be higher than the listed amount, depending on your level in the game.

Level Points needed Reward
One 2.5k 200 dice
Two 8.5k Cash
Three 21.5k 200 dice and cash
Four 48k 300 dice, a high roller boost, and a sticker pack
Five 80k 400 dice, cash, a sticker pack, cash boost

Once you’ve completed all four of your partner projects, you can get an even bigger prize:

  • Grand prize – 5k dice, a sticker pack, and a Puffer Fish token

Well, off you go – dive into Monopoly Go Aqua Partners and get all the Monopoly Go stickers you can. Then, why not get today’s Coin Master free spins, Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins, and Bingo Blitz free credits for some extra fun in other games?