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All of the Monopoly Go Ecological Escapades rewards

We’ve got all of the Monopoly Go Ecological Escapades tournament rewards for you, including free dice rolls, sticker packs, and cash boosts.

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Monopoly Go Ecological Escapades is the latest quick event to arrive, and it’s nice and easy to get your hands on some helpful in-game goodies. There are plenty of free dice rolls to hand out, as well as sticker packs, cash boosts, and much more. Below, we’ve listed all of the currently available rewards in the event.

If you want even more freebies, we have plenty of free Monopoly Go dice for you so you can keep rollin’, as well as lots of Coin Master free spins, Board Kings free rolls, and Bingo Blitz free credits to give you a helping hand in other games.

All the Monopoly Go Ecological Escapades rewards

Here are all of the Monopoly Go Ecological Escapades rewards available during the two-day event.

Milestone Points Rewards
1 5 sticker pack
2 10 30 dice rolls
3 15 cash
4 40 75 dice rolls
5 20 sticker pack
6 25 125 dice rolls
7 30 sticker pack
8 130 250 dice rolls
9 30 cash
10 35 sticker pack
11 40 cash
12 320 450 dice rolls
13 40 25-minute mega heist
14 55 sticker pack
15 250 diving helmet
16 500 650 dice rolls
17 65 five-minute cash boost
18 75 sticker pack
19 90 cash
20 950 1k dice rolls
21 120 ten-minute high roller
22 100 cash
23 140 sticker pack
24 320 535 dice rolls
25 200 ten-minute cash boost
26 260 sticker pack
27 1.4k 1.6k dice rolls
28 350 sticker pack
29 400 cash
30 600 700 dice rolls
31 700 cash
32 1.7k 1.8k dice rolls
33 1.2k sticker pack
34 600 40-minute mega heist
35 1.1k cash
36 2.4k 2.2k dice rolls
37 1k sticker pack
38 1.8k sticker pack
39 2k cash
40 3.2k 3k dice rolls
41 1.2k ten-minute cash boost
42 1.6k sticker pack
43 5.5k 8k dice rolls
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How do I play the Monopoly Go Ecological Escapades event?

To score yourself points in Ecological Escapades, you’ll need to focus on collecting pickups. You earn points by hitting tiles marked with the pickup tokens, strategy and chess-minded forward thinking will come in handy here as the tokens appear at random on various different properties. It’s pretty common to find a bunch of pickup tokens on one side of the board, so a good strategy to implement is to use a higher multiplier when you find yourself on the side with the most tokens, so you can boost your chances of snapping up extra points.

Now, go forth and bag those freebies and have fun playing the Ecological Escapades event! If you’ve got some pals you play with, you can swap Monopoly Go stickers with them, as well as Monopoly Go stars, plus we’ve got a link to the Monopoly Go Discord server, so you can stay up to date with everything that’s going on.