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All Monopoly Go Tycoon Racers rewards

Get ready to zoom in the Monopoly Go Tycoon Racers event, where speed is key to collecting flags and medals, and earning the grand prize.

monopoly go tycoon racers - the Monopoly Man leaning against a race car

Start your engines, Go-ers, it’s time to head into the Monopoly Go Tycoon Racers event. This fast-paced team-based event has us teaming up with other players and zooming around laps – all to win prizes including the coveted Tycoon Racer token to use on your board. Read on to see how to get going, what the rewards are, and how to find a team.

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What is the Monopoly Go Tycoon Racers event?

This brand-new game mode sees you partner up with players but in a different way than the usual multiplayer events. In Tycoon Racers, you form a team of four players to race together and earn flags as you zoom around the track and complete laps. You get a day to form a team before the racing starts – but if you don’t find yourself with a full team, your slots automatically get filled by the game, so you won’t be riding solo.

Next, it’s on to the flag collection phase, where you collect flags ahead of the main races. These pop up on your board and you can pick them up at any time. This phase lasts for a day before the races start.

The racing phase brings in a new race every day. As you race, you can use multipliers to improve your score and position – which means you earn more medals. Completing laps means you can pick a prize, and the final race grants you double medals to spend. Finally, you move on to the championship, where the team with the most medals gets the grand prize.

All the Monopoly Go Tycoon Racers rewards

The prizes dished out during Tycoon Racers are based on your finishing position. You get a prize for each race, no matter where you place on your team. Here are the rewards you can get:

  • First place – 2.7k dice and a wild sticker
  • Second place – 750 dice and a sticker pack
  • Third place – 375 dice and a sticker pack
  • Fourth place – 125 dice

Now, what we’ve all been waiting for – the Championship prize:

  • 3.5k dice, wild sticker, Tycoon Racer board token

How do I play Monopoly Go Tycoon Racers?

As mentioned above, you can create or join a team or have other players selected automatically as the race phase starts. Once you’re safely in a team of four, your goal is to win the race.

You do this by spending your collected flag tokens to roll event dice, which advances you in the race. It costs 20 flags to roll the dice. The more you advance, and the more laps you complete, the more medals you earn – which, of course, means more prizes at the end.

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