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The Network N inclusion fund

Learn more about the Network N inclusion fund

In June last year, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the civil unrest it catalysed, our parent company committed to increase the visibility of BIPOC and other underrepresented voices across its portfolio. Network N’s owned-and-operated sites had their freelance budgets raised by 25%, with the raise allocated specifically to commissioning those voices.

From November 2021, that investment has been raised further, to a total of $6,500 a month ($79,000 per year). This money will be used solely to commission work by writers from BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other diverse backgrounds across Pocket Tactics and all its sister sites.

We want to continue to ensure that all such writers are getting the same opportunities as any others, so please pitch us your ideas across the gamut of games writing: opinion, features, guides, reviews; all of it. In addition, we also want to highlight the personal experiences of gamers from these less-represented groups; not only do we want to have more diverse voices covering our usual beats, but more diverse coverage, too.

If you’re interested in writing about any of the above, our platforms are open to you. Please see our pitching guide for the best people to contact.