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Is there a new Total War game in 2024?

A new Total War game is an exciting prospect for any strategy game fan, so here's all the latest news on Creative Assembly's next entry.

New Total War game: An image of a Pharaoh in the Total War franchise.

Are you absolutely itching to play a new Total War game? Yeah, so are we, so you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the lowdown on Creative Assembly’s next strategy game. The Total War franchise has been trucking along since 2000, with fresh installments like Total War Pharaoh bringing players back for more historically epic battles. But what’s next for the acclaimed RTS franchise?

Join us as we dive into all the latest news and speculation surrounding the next Total War game, providing you with a release date estimate, our predictions on how Creative Assembly’s forthcoming entry will play, and more. Of course, if you’re like us and need a game to pass time until it arrives, here are the best mobile strategy games and best Switch strategy games to sink your time into.

Is there a new Total War game in 2024?

No, there isn’t a new Total War game in 2024, as the last entry Total War Pharaoh came out in 2023 on PC and Mac. Aside from the Warhammer and Saga series of Total War games, the last mainline entry before this was 2019s Total War Three Kingdoms. If this is the release cadence Creative Assembly is setting going forward with each major Total War game, it’s likely that a brand-new entry won’t arrive until 2027 at the earliest.

New Total War game theme speculation

While we don’t know for sure what the next game will be, it wouldn’t be surprising if Total War Elysium is the next entry. Closed betas for the game went live back in 2020, with the last opportunity for fans to try it out culminating with the closure of the Total War Elysium Discord server in 2021. Since then, word regarding the game has gone exceptionally quiet. However, it could be because Creative Assembly is busy with other projects.

In a report from DualShockers in May 2024, it was alleged that Creative Assembly was working on multiple unannounced Total War games. One of these games is reportedly a Star Wars-themed entry in the long-running RTS franchise, however we recommend taking this with a huge grain of salt.

The rumor followed news from Creative Assembly itself, as the studio announced it was greatly expanding the Total War Pharaoh experience with refined campaign gameplay, and “80 new units for the Mesopotamian factions, alongside the addition of over 70 reworked units from a Total War Saga Troy.”

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Could we be venturing off to a galaxy far, far, away in a new Total War game? Or will we be returning to familiar ground inside of the Warhammer universe? We have to admit, the premise of Total War Star Wars sounds pretty awesome, and we’d love to command Rebel or Empire forces on the battlefields of Hoth, Mustafar, or Endor.

New Total War game platform speculation

Previous Total War games have been released primarily on PC, Mac, and Linux, so we reckon the next Total War game will also be released on these platforms. Although Rome Total War and Medieval 2 Total War are the only entries to be released on iOS and Android platforms, we’d love to see the new Total War game appear on Nintendo Switch or mobile, as taking an epic battle on the go would be wicked. With the Nintendo Switch 2 currently in the works, there’s no doubt it could be one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there if it were to release on the handheld.

New Total War game gameplay predictions

Just like Total War Pharaoh before it, we expect the new Total War game to deliver best-in-class strategy thrills. Not only did Total War Pharaoh provide players with another astounding rendition of the New Kingdom of Egypt and the Late Bronze Age, it kept the franchise’s core tenets close to heart. With mechanics like the ‘Pillars of Civilization’ playing a vital hand in your every move, the game’s campaign is influenced by three constantly evolving parameters: Prosperity, Crisis, and Collapse.

Playing into the Prosperity parameter means that fewer disasters and invasions are likely to disrupt civilization, whereas Crisis and Collapse can severely impact your campaign’s success. In combination with the ‘Power of the Crown’ mechanic, players can ascend into leadership roles by battling in civil wars and completing unique interactions within the game’s map. If Creative Assembly can innovate on Pharaoh’s best aspects in another detail-rich setting, like the Star Wars universe, we could be in for a certified banger.

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