Nintendo buys a huge plot of land with aims to expand HQ

Expected to be complete in several years, Nintendo has bought a large plot of land to build further offices for their headquarters

Nintendo HQ Expansion: An image shows the proposed new building that Nintendo will develop, next to a photo of an OLED Switch

Nintendo announced today that it has bought a large patch of land adjacent to its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. In the announcement, Nintendo explains this is for “R&D reinforcement”, and that it expects to finish the construction of a 12-floor steel-framed building by December of 2027.

This is an exciting development, and shows Nintendo’s push to continue creating new and exciting hardware. It was nearly a decade ago in 2013 that Nintendo announced it would merge its handheld and console divisions within its Tokyo HQ, ultimately leading to the development and release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017.

Nintendo included a statement in the announcement reading “along with the R&D investments and capital investments, Nintendo believes acquiring and utilizing this land will carry an important role on reinforcing its R&D.” If recent statements from Nintendo’s president Shuntaro Furukawa are to be believed, then the Switch is still halfway through its life cycle.

While we don’t know what the future holds, or whether we’ll play a Switch Pro or a Super Switch in the next couple of years, it’s very clear that Nintendo understands it can’t rest on it’s laurels and must continue researching what the gaming of the future will look like.

You can read the full announcement for yourself by following the link below.

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