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Nintendo lays plans to beat the Switch 2 scalpers

President Shuntaro Furukawa says there’s no need for Nintendo Switch 2 scalpers as there will be plenty of consoles available at launch.

Nintendo Switch 2 scalpers: A bust of Mario in a suit overlaid on a Switch OLED, all on a Nintendo red background

Nintendo Switch 2 scalpers shouldn’t be an issue if company president Shuntaro Furukawa’s plans go ahead. In a recent shareholder meeting’s Q+A portion, the execs expanded on the anti-resale plan they hinted at last year.

We already expect getting a Nintendo Switch 2 at launch to be a nightmare thanks to all the hype around the seven-year-old console’s successor. There will always be scalpers looking to make a quick profit from the gaming community, but companies like Nintendo can take steps to prevent it, as Mr Furukawa intends to. As reported in VGC, Nintendo plans to meet customer demand on release so that you can buy a console at retail price and is considering other measures “taking into account the circumstances in each region.”

Semiconductor shortages hit Nintendo and other console manufacturers over the past two years which affected hardware availability across the sector, but Furukawa has also stated that this is no longer an issue. He says, “At present, we do not believe that the shortage of components will have a significant impact on the production of the successor model.”

A statement from Furukawa last month let us know that we’ll get a Nintendo Switch 2 reveal before the end of March 2025, so unless something drastic happens between now and then, it looks like there will be plenty of consoles to go around. Plus there’s even more to be excited for, as June’s Nintendo Direct was full of huge announcements despite the focus on new hardware, which could lend credibility to the Nintendo Switch backward compatibility rumors.

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That’s the company’s plan to handle Nintendo Switch 2 scalpers. While you’re here, find out more about the new Mario game and new Zelda game announced in June’s Direct showcase. We’ve also got a Cookie Run: Tower of Adventure tier list to help you out.

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