OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone DLC review

One of 2022’s best and brightest indie games still has a few tricks to show us, so find out more in our OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone DLC review

OlliOlli World Find the Flowzone DLC review: a skateboarder does tricks in a pastel world, while a gust of wind is shown visibly helping them move in a direction

I will look back at 2022 as a phenomenal year for games on Nintendo Switch. Bayonetta 3, Splatoon 3, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and many other games that didn’t cap off a trilogy. But if someone were to ask me about a forgotten, or perhaps underrated title from the year, I’m going to instantly point to Roll7’s phenomenal OlliOlli World, which coincidentally also caps off the OlliOlli trilogy, while using a new name and art style to reinvigorate the formula.

You can read our full thoughts on the main bulk of the game in our OlliOlli World review, and we covered the first batch of extra content in our OlliOlli World: Void Riders DLC review, so what exactly is new this time around? The 2D skateboarding and combo-chaining extravaganza is far from over, and this time things are reaching new heights as your character searches for the lost city of Radlantis amongst the clouds.

Your aim is to collect the pieces of a scattered map with three in each level, that lead your character and three new friends to the promised land of Radlantis. It’s a very silly premise that fits in perfectly with the surreal and comedic tone the game has gone for so far. While the dialogue is as sharp as ever, there’s a heap of new clothing and other customisation options to find and mess around with. I have a lot of fun exploring these levels anyway, but the polish in every corner of the game is still so impressive.

While Void Riders added a batch of new levels focused on increased difficulty and the interstellar tractor beam gimmick, this time you have the wind beneath your sails, literally, as Finding the Flowzone introduces a new wind mechanic called the Windzone. Certain patches of the level get all gusty, renewing your momentum and sending you hurtling forward with reckless abandon.

OlliOlli World Find the Flowzone DLC review: a skateboarder does tricks in a pastel world, while a gust of wind is shown visibly helping them move in a direction

Previously it could feel like a struggle to maintain momentum, as your character naturally slowed down when faced with inclines, but the strategically placed Windzones add a big blustery boost at just the right moment. This allows even bigger combos and adds a thrilling sense of energy and rhythm to a lot of the new levels. There are 17 in total, with a handful of challenges on each one, so there’s a decent chunk of new content to explore. Getting through the levels took me a few hours, but good luck to anyone trying to complete all of the challenges and high scores.

It’s not just the new gusty gameplay though, as while previous levels had hidden gnarly routes that were tough to find and even tougher to survive, this time the new levels have even tougher burly routes. There’s a lot of focus on interwinding parts, particularly creating loops with the new Windzone mechanic and the hidden areas.

OlliOlli World Find the Flowzone DLC review: a skateboarder is seen standing around and talking t several other people about a secret place known as Radlantis

The wind is used to add some more momentum, change direction, and even lift you straight up into the air for some extra hang time. It makes the new levels feel like a rollercoaster ride, or can occasionally feel like a good Sonic game, with the Windzone feeling akin to the boost in Sonic Rush. OlliOlli World has always been about building ludicrous combos, and now I feel like the pros have the tools to make some absolutely monstrous scores that I’ll never be able to get within sniffing distance of.

The new levels themselves are already quite a challenge, with a lot of big stretches between platforms, and quick reflexes needed as you’ll quickly slip between grinds or firecrackers to keep your combo intact. With the addition of the new burly route though, these last batch of levels feel richer than anything else in the game, and the Windzone mechanic could make them the most fun.

OlliOlli World Find the Flowzone DLC review: a skateboarder does tricks in a pastel world, while a gust of wind is shown visibly helping them move in a direction

More OlliOlli is always a good thing, but this last batch of DLC makes some smart changes that help with the rhythm of the game, potential combo chains, and the DLC still gives players plenty to do, find, and unlock. For anyone who has played and loved the game this year, these last few hours of content are the sharpest and most challenging hours you’ll get out of OlliOlli World, and they’re worth every penny.

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OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone DLC review

The smart new Windzone mechanic and the addition of burly routes means the levels in OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone are some of the most exhilarating and challenging you can play. All honed perfectly around those rock-solid skating and combo-chaining mechanics, the blustery bonus content feels like a rollercoaster ride and the perfect way for any pros to show off their skills. Until next time OlliOlli World, it’s been a wild ride.