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Star Fox and F-Zero artist creating a game based on their debut manga

Famed Star Fox and F-Zero artist Takaya Imamura is working on a Nintendo Switch game based on his debut manga in the form of Omega 6: The Video Game

Omega 6 release date: a 16-bit pixelated style shows a women in a sci-fi outfit and a robotic wolf in a metallic helmet

While it might not be a name everyone is familiar with, if you grew up loving the characters in Star Fox and F-Zero, then you’re familiar with the fantastic work of previous Nintendo artist Takaya Imamura. He’s also responsible for the creation of Tingle from the Legend of Zelda, so you can praise/scold him all you like for that. While he publicly retired from Nintendo recently, he’s been working on a manga ever since.

Known as Omega-6, Imamura only unveiled the manga last week, but now he has already confirmed a video game adaptation of the series, which is known to be heading to Switch alongside other platforms. Developed by Happymeal studios with art from Imamura, Omega 6: The Video Game follows the story of the manga, as two bounty hunters search for another planet similar to Earth that humans could potentially travel to.

The game will follow the story of the main protagonists known as Thunder and Kiera, but will also introduce new elements to surprise readers of the manga, so it’ll be worth reading the manga first by the sounds of things. The game also features a striking 16-bit style that brings to mind classic Star Fox and F-Zero graphics, especially with the retro-futuristic style that those titles were so famous for. Currently just listed for a vague 2023 release date, we hope to hear more about the game soon.

When is the Omega 6: The Video Game release date?

As of writing, Omega 6: The Video Game is simply listed for a 2023 release date, and platforms other than Nintendo Switch are yet to be confirmed.

Is there an Omega 6: The Video Game trailer?

No trailers just yet, but Takaya Imamura has shared a couple of screenshots to give eager fans a glimpse of the world they can explore next year.

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