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Help fund breast cancer research with Overwatch’s Pink Mercy skin

Overwatch 2’s Pink Mercy campaign is a celebration of the power that gaming communities can have, raising even more money for the BCRF.

Overwatch 2 Pink Mercy: A screenshot of OG Pink Mercy doing her resurrect pose in front of Hanamura's second capture point with a cherry blossom tree off to the right. She is in focus and the background is blurred

For the first time in six years, Overwatch 2’s Pink Mercy skin is back, and it’s better than ever. Blizzard has rereleased the iconic limited edition skin for its winged healer to celebrate the shooter reaching 100 million players and use the power of community for good.

Overwatch 2’s Mercy has been in the game since the very beginning, and regardless of the ever-changing competitive meta, she remains a fan-favorite to this day. Back in May 2018, Blizzard launched the original Pink Mercy skin – a cosmetic based on the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon that helped the community raise $12.7 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) – and you can add it to your Overwatch 2 skins collection if you missed out all those years ago.

As well as the original Pink Mercy skin, Blizzard has also introduced a brand-new Rose Gold Mercy bundle, giving you more ways to support BCRF and revamping Angela’s outfit and weapon for 2024 in the process. The bundle includes the skin, a heroic weapon skin for Mercy’s staff, plus three sprays, three icons, and three name cards to customize your profile and show your support for breast cancer research.

According to Blizzard’s announcement blog post, the proceeds from 2018’s Pink Mercy campaign constitute the BCRF’s largest single donation to date. The donation directly funded research into AI-assisted mammogram imaging, treatment response models, and drugs that have the potential to delay tumor formation. You can read more about it on the BCRF’s website.

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When can I get Overwatch 2’s Pink Mercy?

Pink Mercy and the Rose Gold Mercy bundle are available in Overwatch 2’s in-game shop between June 25 and July 8, 2024. You can purchase Pink Mercy for $14.99 and the Rose Gold Mercy bundle for $19.99, with 100% of the proceeds going to the BCRF (excluding any additional platform fees or taxes).

That’s all of the details we have on Overwatch 2’s Pink Mercy campaign. If you’re itching to rejoin the fight and do your bit for charity, check out our Overwatch 2 characters breakdown to meet the new recruits and then head to our Overwatch 2 tier list to scope out the meta.

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