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Pascal’s Wager gets a new expansion and an Android release date

May 21, 2020 We’ve updated this story with information about the Android release date.

TipsWorks has revealed a new expansion for its gothic, Souls-like, action RPG, Pascal’s Wager. Deep into the Dark Mist launches on May 29, and sees you delve into a treacherous, mist-shrouded realm in search of glory – and fine loot, of course. Sealed Treasure Chests will act a little like Mimics in Dark Souls, granting you rewards, but only after springing the trap. The Phantom Vase will also offer you a powerful fighting companion, though they might not always be the friendliest…

Deep into the Dark Mist will launch alongside a sale on the App Store, where the base game of Pascal’s Wager will go for $3.99 (£3.99), a fine steal for any wide-eyed adventurer. You can access the Dark Mist after finishing the Katib chapter, by purchasing a Mist Lamp from Glenn’s Owl in the carriage, allowing you to venture into the deadly fog.

You should also note that if any of you fine humans already own Pascal’s Wager, Deep into the Dark Mist is free for you! Though if not, buying the on sale version will mean Deep into the Dark Mist only costs you $0.99, alongside a nifty Heroic Herald Outfit for Terence. Gotta smarten up, it’s not everyday you get repeatedly murdered by fog demons.

There’s plenty more where that came from too, with new bosses for Deep in the Dark Mist, the Tides of Oblivion expansion, and that Android players – like me – will now be able to get their hands on Pascal’s Wager from June 25th. Praise the Sun! Or the dark mist, we guess?

If you’d like to read us rant more about about how great the game is, see our Pascal’s Wager review, or if that’s enough talk and you own an Apple device, you can download the game right now on the App Store, where you can also get Deep into the Dark Mist when it launches on May 29. If you’re an Android human, then it’s only a month until you’ll finally be able to download Pascal’s Wager on June 25.