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The Pascal’s Wager giveaway is now over

May 22, 2020 The giveaway has now ended and we’ve dispatched the free code to the lucky winners. Check your email inbox to see if it’s you!

Pascal’s Wager achieved what we all thought was impossible: making Dark Souls or Bloodborne work on mobile. And it achieved it with aplomb, providing a visually-stunning portable experience that’s absolutely dripping with darkness. The enemies are tough, the environments encourage you to explore, and the combat is just the right level of tricky and fun to encourage you to keep pushing on.

We absolutely loved the RPG, which you can tell from reading our Pascal’s Wager review. We called it “A bravely ambitious game. Worth playing if you are not easily frustrated and prepared to use a separate controller.” Slight control hiccups aside, you should forgive your friends for mistaking it for Bloodborne on your phone.

To celebrate our love for Pascal’s Wager, we gave it away for free to our lucky readers. We had 25 iOS codes up for grabs, and we invited you to fill in a simple form below to get in with a chance of winning. Android folk: Pascal’s Wager isn’t out just yet on your platform, but it is coming. Sorry you miss out on this particular giveaway; we’ll make it up to you.


The giveaway is now closed, and we’ve sent the iOS codes out to the lucky winners via the email address you shared when you filled out the form. Please check your inbox to see if it was you!

If you were unlucky this time, you can go ahead and grab Pascal’s Wager from the App Store right now.