Pet Master free spins May 2023

A list of all the brand new Pet Master free spins, coins, and more, along with our tips, tricks, and some other useful links to get you even more freebies.

A cow gives free spins to a baby cow in Pet Master

Pet Master is a largely identical experience to Coin Master, except the theme is pets. You visit different animal-themed worlds, collect a wide variety of cards, and spin the slot machine a borderline unhealthy number of times. This brings us nicely to the purpose of this guide: to provide you with a bunch of Pet Master free spins.

Much like our Coin Master free spins guide, this article will provide you with daily links for free spins, coins, and more goodies. These are official links provided by developer Moon Active, so you don’t have to worry about getting banned for cheating or potentially opening up your device to harmful viruses. So, let’s take a look at the latest links.

Pet Master free spins links

May 31

May 30

May 29

May 28

May 27

May 26

May 25

How else can I get free Pet Master spins?

While the above links are the easiest method of getting free spins, coins, and more in Pet Master, there are additional ways you can get free stuff detailed below.


Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: you can get pretty much everything you can possibly need by spinning. Of course, you’ll need spins to, errr, spin, but we’d recommend doing so as often as possible.

When you run out of spins, you can return after an hour to spin five more times. This caps out at 50 spins, so you will want to return at least every ten hours to ensure you’re not wasting any free spins. Set yourself a reminder.

Our final caveat is that you can activate a bet multiplier when you have a ton of spins available, which uses more spins but also increases your winnings. Use it whenever possible.

Raccoons from Pet Master


One of the fastest ways to get free spins in Pet Master is to invite your friends. While the number of spins you can get for free if a friend successfully signs up varies, it’s usually a substantial number. Right now it’s at 90 spins, which is very generous indeed.

Complete your village

So what do you spend all of that hard-earned cash on? Village upgrades, of course! Not only do you receive spins for completing a village, but you can also receive them as rewards from ‘Village Rush’. This event provides you with rewards for achieving certain village levels.

Roll the dice

Once you’ve unlocked the board, we recommend rolling your dice as often as possible. The rewards vary per board, but there are free spins, dice, and coins up for grabs.

Complete albums and card sets

You get an astonishing number of free spins for completing an album, and a respectable amount for finishing card sets. So, spend all of your excess cash (if you have any) on chests in order to unlock more cards.

You can also trade excess cards with friends within the app itself, which can help speed this up immeasurably.

Participate in events

Events are a fantastic method of getting yourself some free spins, and Pet Master runs an awful lot of them. While they vary, a typical event simply challenges you to match three event tokens together on the slot machine, then rewards you for getting a certain number within a time limit. Save your spins for these events, folks!

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