Pokémon Go events June 2023

A list of each upcoming Pokémon Go event to help you take advantage of them, from the monthly research breakthrough to details on the next Community Day.

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Pokémon Go event is a regular occurrence these days, with something new happening pretty much every week. If you’re a big fan of the location-based monster collector, then there’s very little reason to ever not be playing, whether it’s participating in a raid hour, Community Day, Go Fest, or the smaller events that take place in between.

Now, while this is positive, as you’ve always got something to do to keep you busy, there’s a downside to it as well, as it’s really difficult to keep on top of everything that’s happening to Pokémon Go in any given moment. But that’s where we come in. We want to make your life much easier by providing a nice, chronological list of each upcoming event you can participate in. Before we get into the nitty gritty stuff, check out our Pokémon Go promo codes, Pokédex, and Pokémon Go Eevee Evolution guide.

This guide details each current and upcoming Pokémon Go event. We’ll keep it regularly refreshed and remove events from the previous months that are no longer applicable.

June research breakthrough

From June 1 at 13:00 PST/21:00 GMT to September 1 at 13:00 PDT/21:00 GMT, you can encounter Sableye, Beldum, Audino, Furfrou, Noibat, and Goomy in research breakthrough encounters.

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June Pokémon spotlight hours

Pokémon spotlight hour takes place every Tuesday from 18:00 to 19:00 local time. Here’s each of the Pokémon you can encounter:

  • June 6: Krabby, Kabuto, Corphish, Clauncher, and Crabrawler are in the spotlight and you earn thrice the catch XP. You may even encounter a shiny!
  • June 13: Binacle is in the spotlight and you earn twice the catch candy. You may even encounter a shiny!
  • June 20: Sunkern is in the spotlight and you earn twice the transfer candy. You may even encounter a shiny!
  • June 27: Doduo is in the spotlight and you earn twice the evolution XP. You may even encounter a shiny!

May community day

Niantic has revealed the next Pokémon Go community day features Axew! It runs from 14:00 to 17:00 local time on June, you can expect to encounter the following bonuses:

  • Evolve Frazure during the event or up to five hours afterward to get a Haxorus that knows breaking swipe
  • Three times the stardust for catching Pokémon
  • Two times catch candy
  • Incense and lure modules activated during the event last for three hours
  • Two times the chance for trainers level 31 and up to receive candy XL from catching Pokémon
  • Trades require 50% less stardust
  • Take a snapshot during the event for a surprise encounter

Upcoming Pokémon Go events

Here are all the upcoming Pokémon events for you to look forward to.

Searching for Gold Research Day

On June 3 from 14:00 to 17:00 local time, Searching for Gold-themed field research tasks are available when you spin PokéStops. Complete them to encounter Caterpie, Magikarp, Nosepass, Sableye, or Barboach. If you’re lucky you may even encounter some shiny versions.

You will encounter Weedle, Bellsprout, Poochyena, Buizel, Tympole, Shelmet, and Stufful more frequently in the wild and even Lickitung or Azumarill if you’re lucky.

Water Festival: Beach Week

From June 6 at 10:00 to June 12 at 20:00 local time, Sandygast and Palossand make their Pokémon Go debut! You will also encounter more of these Pokémon while exploring: Tentacool, Shellder, Krabby, Alolan Exeggutor, Horsea, Staryu, Marill, Wingull, Wailmer, Spheal, Finneon, Dwebble, Frillish, Clauncher. Those of you who are extra lucky may find a shiny version of the Pokémon above or some Mantine and Popplio.

The following Pokémon are available to encounter when you complete field research tasks: Lapras wearing a scarf, Frillish, Binacle, Clauncher, and Sandygast.

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Hidden Gems – season eleven

Niantic has now launched season eleven, Hidden Gems! This season is set to end on September 1 at 10:00 local time. We recommend you view the official Pokémon Go blog post to find full details for the season.

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