Pokémon figures – our top picks

Pokémon figures are a great way to show off your love for all the pocket monsters, so we’ve collected our favourites so you can fill up your shelf

Pokemon figures header showing the trainer Ethan on a mango-yellow background. He is a boy with scruffy long hair sticking out of a backwards cap with a yellow stripe down the middle, black on the rest. He has a red jacket with white lapels, on arm to his side and another holding up a Pokeball.

Pokémon figures are ten a penny in these parts – by these parts, I mean the world of videogame-likers – but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal under the eyes of Arceus. From cheap tat you could find in a Christmas cracker all the way to hundred-dollar pocket monstrosities, there’s a lot to choose from.

So, we’ve found the best of the best, with our favourite Pokémon figurines that would look good on any game-hugger’s shelf. Once you’ve found the one for you, check out our guides to Rainbow Friends plush action figures, FNAF plush, and Animal Crossing plushies to get even more goodies.

Pokémon figures: charmander, charizard, and chameleon on an orange background, plastic opposable toy versions of their dragon selves.

Charizard Pokémon figures

On the lower end of the price spectrum, we’ve got these cute, adjustable Charmeleon, Charmander, and Charizard figures. For any first gen fanatic, these are just right to bring back a wave of nostalgia without breaking the bank.

Pokémon figures: Gyarados, a long, dragon-like sea creature, blue with spiky fins and long whiskers.

Gyarados Pokémon figure

Gyarados is my personal favourite Pokémon, and this good value figure is the perfect match for anyone who’s as much of a fan as I am. It’s got numerous joints so you can adjust it, and at twelve inches long, it’s no little worm, let me tell ya.

Pokémon figures: a black necrozoma in a cardboard box, a spiky insect like Pokemon

Legendary Necrozoma Pokémon figure

The psychic-type legendary Pokémon introduced in gen seven is a little pricier than most on this list, but that’s for good reason. It’s more delicate than most, too, so be sure to be careful if you make the hefty investment on this lovely thing.

Pokémon figures: a poke ball on a plinth next to its cardboard box.

Die-cast Poké Ball Pokémon figure

For the more discerning Pokémon fan out there, this statue could work well on a desk in an office, if you fancy. Of course, any Pokémon figure can go on an office desk, but if you’d rather give off a stately professionalism, this looks like a good route.

We’ll keep our eyes open for new Pokémon figures if there are any good deals. For more, check out our Kirby plush and Cuphead plush and figures guides.