Prime Gaming offers exclusive content for Immortals Fenyx Rising this month

Loads of exclusive freebies are available for our favourite mobile and Switch games in this month’s Prime Gaming haul

Fenyx faces off against Medusa

Amazon has announced December’s rewards for subscribers to Prime Gaming, the subscription service formerly known as Twitch Prime. The headline act is a collaboration with Ubisoft, resulting in exclusive content for Watch Dogs: Legion and Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Check out our Immortals Fenyx Rising Switch review here to see what we thought (spoilers: we thought good things, very good things) and buy it directly from the Ubisoft store. However, as well as exclusive content for Ubisoft titles and other hugely popular games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Star Wars Squadrons, and Roblox, Amazon announced 38 games would be free to play via your subscription.

Battlefield 3 will be free through Origin for Prime Gaming members, and other titles include oil rush simulator Turmoil, turn-based strategy title Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, action arcade game HyperDot, Tesla-inspired first-person horror adventure Close to the Sun, and magical dungeon crawler Wizard of Legend. There is also one last chance to grab Aurion: legacy of the Kori-Odan and over 20 SNK classics like Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Shodown II, and Metal Slug 2.

Here is the full list of exclusive content you’ll get included in your Prime Gaming subscription:

  • Immortals Fenyx Rising: Frozen Pack containing a helmet, outfit, wings, and campaign horse
  • Watch Dogs: Legion: Nerdcore and Futurist outfits
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Thatcher Gladiator Full Operator set
  • Star Wars Squadrons: Bold Approach and Vibrant Focus helmets
  • Roblox: an avatar item and in-game item for Bubble Gum Simulator
  • Valorant: Clip It Spray
  • Madden NFL 21: Prime Gaming Pack, which includes one elite player, two gold players, and three silver players
  • League of Legends: two mystery Skin Shards
  • Black Desert Mobile: Hadum’s Chest: Holy Vial of Light and Boss Stamps & Tablets x15,000 bundle
  • Epic Seven: level 95 epic equipment set, five greater equipment charms, 500,000 gold, and 20 Leifs
  • Last Day on Earth: Rank III Husky Puppy, 500 Caps, Kevlar Armour set, and a Modified AK
  • MLB Tap Sports Baseball: Next Level Evolution, Clutch Cash, and The Gilded Gift
  • Yahtzee with Buddies: the opportunity to enter the Frozen Frame Giveaway and Vanity Dice Giveaway
  • Legends of Runeterra: an Epic Wildcard
  • Big Farm: Mobile Harvest: 750 Paw Prints and 20 Super Lures
  • War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave EXVIUS: six content drops including various in-game items and resources
  • Runescape: 7-day membership
  • Smite: Brimstone Cerberus skin
  • Paladins: Firecracker Willo skin

To make the most of these freebies, make sure to cross-reference this list with our guides to the best mobile RPGs and best Switch RPGs. Free content is always welcome, so there’s no better time to grab a new game and some bonus exclusives while you’re there.