PUBG Mobile emulator: the best way to play PUBG Mobile on PC

A list of all PUBG Mobile emulators and their exclusive features to help you decide which is best

What’s the best PUBG Mobile emulator? Well, that’s what we’re here to help you figure out. Whether it’s the official emulator on Gameloop (formerly Tencent Gaming Buddy) or an unofficial option via BlueStacks or Memu Play, we’re going to round up all of the options and detail their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

But what is an emulator? Well, it allows you to play your favourite mobile games on your PC by providing a simulation of the Android platform. Not only that, but emulators often have their own unique enhancements to improve your experience, like increasing the frame rate, polishing up the graphics, and scripts that allow you to perform multiple actions at once.

In this guide, we will detail how you can play PUBG Mobile on your PC using an emulator, and provide you with details on the various different options. Where PUBG Mobile is concerned, you’re not spoiled for choice when it comes to emulators. Speaking of being spoiled, you can actually get a bunch of free stuff in our PUBG Mobile redeem codes guide.

PUBG Mobile emulator: the best ways to play PUBG Mobile on PC

Gameloop (formerly Tencent Gaming Buddy)

Let’s start with the official option: Gameloop. This used to go by the moniker Tencent Gaming Buddy and is an official Android emulator by the maker of PUBG Mobile, Tencent. Not only does it allow you to play PUBG Mobile on PC, but there are a bunch more games from a wide variety of developers and publishers to choose from, and it comes with its own enhancements to improve your experience.

Here are the exclusive features you’ll get by choosing Gameloop:

  • Customisable smart keyboard
  • Multiple language support
  • Fraud prevention (hack/cheat)
  • Controller support
  • Live stream support on Nimo and nonolive

And here’s how to download PUBG Mobile on your PC via Gameloop:

  • Visit the official Gameloop site
  • Download the latest version of Gameloop
  • Open the Gameloop application
  • Search for PUBG Mobile
  • Hit download
  • Wait for it to download, then open and enjoy


BlueStacks is another Android emulator that provides you with additional features to improve your gaming experience.

Here’s what BlueStacks provides:

  • 1.5 million Android Games
  • Stream directly on Twitch
  • Multi-tasking
  • Customisable controls
  • Multi-instance support
  • Record gameplay
  • Macros
  • Real-time translation
  • Higher FPS
  • Farm mode

Here’s how to download PUBG mobile on PC via BlueStacks:

  • Visit the official BlueStacks site
  • Download BlueStacks
  • Open the installed program, and search for PUBG Mobile
  • Download PUBG Mobile and wait
  • Open PUBG Mobile and enjoy

Memu Play

Another option is MEmu Play, which, again, offers its own unique features that change the way you can play PUBG Mobile on your PC.

These features include:

  • Customisable controls
  • File sharing between Android and Windows
  • Drag and drop APK installation
  • Multi-instance support
  • Exclusive emulation engine
  • Massive game library
  • Adverts

Here’s how to download PUBG Mobile on PC via MEmu Play:

  • Download the MEmu Play launcher on the official site
  • Install the emulator on your computer
  • Open the emulator, and search for PUBG Mobile
  • Install PUBG Mobile
  • Have fun
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