A PUBG New State NieR crossover is coming soon

Worlds of fantasy and gunfire collide, as PUBG New State brings Square Enix’s hit series NieR automata in for an exciting crossover

Custom header using key art from the PUBG New State Nier crossover promo material

NieR fans must be a happy bunch with all the crossovers their favourite series has been receiving, and now there’s another cross off the list with the new PUBG New State event. This exciting new meeting of worlds brings a ton of NieR series customisable options to Krafton’s online multiplayer madness, as well as a special reward mission. 

For taking part in the PUBG New State NieR crossover, you can get your hands on not just some fetching NieR inspired outfits, but extra goodies for your profile, including a snazzy profile icon, frame, and frame effect. The development team over at Krafton is still keeping tight-lipped over what exactly the NieR reward event might consist of, but we’ll be making sure to take part so we can pick up some extra items. 

It seems that the crossover has come around as the result of shared respect between the teams at Krafton and Square Enix, leading to a dream collaboration for those involved. NieR series producer Yosuke Saito is even on record as stating “I’m very excited to see this collaboration come together and bridge the worlds of NieR:Automata and New State Mobile”. If he’s excited, you can bet we are.

When is the PUBG New State NieR crossover live? 

The PUBG New State Nier crossover goes live on April 29 and runs through until May 19. That gives you less than three whole weeks to collect all the special in-game NieR items before they disappear for good. Or, until the next crossover at least. 

Promo art from the PUBG New State NieR crossover event

There you have it, all you need to know about the PUBG New State NieR crossover coming to the game later this week. If you can’t wait around to get some extra in-game goodies, why not check out our PUBG New State codes for some extra skins and weapons. 

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