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Redmagic 9S Pro launches in China ahead of global release this month

Redmagic's hot new gaming phone, the 9S Pro, has arrived in China with an overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and the highest AnTuTu score ever.

A redmagic 9S Pro on a yellow PT background

The latest Redmagic gaming phone doesn’t debut internationally until later this month, but if you want to see what this new handset brings to the table, there’s no need to wait. The Redmagic 9S Pro has launched in China, and we now know all the key specifications and features.

Despite the slightly confusing naming, the Redmagic 9S Pro doesn’t run on a Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, but rather a full-fat 8 Gen 3. It’s not just any 8 Gen 3 chipset that some of the best gaming phones use, though. It’s a special edition that Redmagic calls Leading Version. This one boosts the CPU core clock to 3.4 GHz and the GPU to 1 GHz.

As a result, Redmagic claims to have the highest AnTuTu score ever achieved by an Android phone, with a whopping 2,369,542 points. Of course, running such high clocks requires significant cooling, and so Redmagic has redesigned its thermal solution to cope with such a demanding load.

The ICE 13.5 cooling system uses an ultra-large vapor chamber, a new cooling gel, and a 22,000 RPM active fan to keep temperatures in check. The brand claims this will reduce chipset temperatures by up to 19.5 degrees Celsius, compared to 18 degrees achieved by the Redmagic 9 Pro.

In China, there are two versions of this phone, the Redmagic 9S Pro and the Redmagic 9S Pro+. It’s not yet clear if the Pro+ will make its way to international markets, usually, we only see the standard Pro in Europe. The main differences between the models are the battery capacity, charging speed, and the RAM and storage options.

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The Pro comes with a whopping 6,500 mAh battery that charges at 80W, while the Pro+ has a 5,500 mAh battery and ultra-fast 165W charging. As for the RAM and storage, the Pro can be had in either 12GB+256GB or 12GB+512GB flavors, while the Pro+ has either 16GB+512GB or 24GB+1TB.

On the design front, both models have a similar footprint to the Redmagic 9 Pro, and similar styling, too. You still get an uninterrupted OLED display on the front, with an under-display selfie camera and a 120Hz refresh rate. The cameras on the rear remain the same, too, and there’s still no camera bump, which is a rare sight these days.

Since it’s 2024, no phone launch would be complete without a mention of AI, and Redmagic is no exception. Its latest OS includes AI smart trigger and sound recognition for games, as well as AI wallpaper image generation, a writing assistant, and more.

The new phones will be available from July 9 in China, and they’ll start at just 4,800 RMB ($660). What’s more exciting for those of us outside of China, though, is the international launch on July 16. Phones always cost more outside of China, but it looks like we’re in for another top performer with a reasonable price tag. For even more great devices at a reasonable cost, consult our best budget gaming phones guide.