Review: Battle for Korsun

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Review: Battle for Korsun

Released 27 Oct 2018

Developer: Lance Craner
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
Available from:
App Store

Battle for Korsun is a turn-based 'lite' strategy wargame set during the Eastern Front of World War 2. Specifically, it covers the events of the Korsun-Shevchenkovsky Offensive between Jan/Feb 1944 which led to what is known as the Battle of the Korsun-Cherkasy Pocket. A surrounded German Army Group failed to breakout and find relief, causing massive casualties.

The game is developed by Yobowargames, or Lance Craner as he is also known, and is a more simplistic wargame that acts as a great gateway experience for casual enthusiasts or those looking to get into that particular niche. Key features include:

  • Hotseat or German v AI
  • Large Map
  • Units represent Divisions/Regiments or Battalions
  • Variable weather conditions

At the time of writing, Pocket Tactics has yet to do it's own dedicated review on Battle for Korsun, however our sister website has a review of the PC version if you're interested in some broad impressions.

Once we do a dedicated review on iOS, this text will be replaced by the official PT verdict.

Review: Battle for Korsun

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