Demon’s Rise 2 has claimed our top spot for RPG of the year. There was a right melee for Runner-Up, with Banner Saga 2 emerging victorious.

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2016 10 04 14.07.51

So, you went on an epic quest, found the MacGuffin, and used it to slay the Big Bad. Time for your "happily ever after," right? Banner Saga 2 asks us "what if you did all that, and it didn't matter?" Dead gods, a stalled-out sun and stone-armored legions might be the least of your worries in Stoic's second beautifully-drawn tale of war and privation.

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Review: Banner Saga

08 Oct 2014 0
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When people invariably stop in the street and ask me for my most cherished video game, I smile earnestly and tell these affable inquisitors that it is Cryo Interactive's Dune. The 1992 adventure-strategy hybrid was something else entirely, and while Westwood's Dune 2 might loom longer and larger in the...

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