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New analytics tools offer greater insight for Roblox developers

Two new Roblox analytics tools mean that developers can now benchmark against other games and see what works with their in-game economies.

Roblox analytics tools - keyart from Jailbreak showing three people taking money from a vault

New Roblox analytics tools are here to offer greater insights for Roblox developers. There are thousands of Roblox creators and hundreds of thousands of experiences out there, but sometimes, it can take a bit of guesswork for devs to learn what works with their games. After all, not every experience sees the same success as Blox Fruits, one of the biggest games on the platform.

The new tools in question are economy events and funnel events, both of which can give developers a much greater understanding of what drives users’ participation in Roblox games. Recently, Dress to Impress hit one billion visits; it seems the sky really is the limit now that creators can get even more data to determine what works, and we just might see more experiences hit such an impressive milestone.

Roblox’s new economy events analytics tool is perfect for developers who very much rely on an in-game economy, as it pinpoints exactly how users gain resources while also offering insights into how long they hold them, as well as when they tend to spend them. Furthermore, the funnel events tool allows developers to see when users tend to drop out while in the onboarding and shopping processes.

To give the best results possible, these tools allow developers to break down the analytics by age, gender, platform, and more – discovering whether it’s PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or mobile players that flock to certain Roblox horror games and fun Roblox games can give creators a greater understanding of how their experiences perform.

Benchmarking games against similar titles and seeing how they perform against internal KPIs can also help developers garner a better understanding of what works about their economies and what they could do better.

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Speaking on the new tools, Jailbreak – a Roblox game with more than seven billion visits – co-creator Alex Balfanz explains that “we use analytics extensively for our early-stage games to evaluate what fundamental KPIs they may have and to measure progress as we identify and make changes, and of course also for our established project Jailbreak as health checks.”

Such use means that the team knows what they need to work on, and as Balfanz states, “Now, we’re able to see how we benchmark among other games on the platform in our genre or various demographics.” It’s something no developer could do before, but Roblox can now give it “in an anonymized aggregated way.”

With access to such powerful tools, it’ll be interesting to see how various Roblox games grow and develop. Not only does this mean good things for the developers, but it means great things for you, the players, too, as the better a game does, the more milestones it hits, the more likely you are to get freebies like Dress to Impress codes and Anime Defenders codes.