Roblox player count and stats on the biggest Roblox games

The Roblox player count grew by a wide margin last year, with the biggest Roblox games boasting some impressive stats

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It would be fair to say that Roblox is one of the biggest games companies out there, with its platform boasting thousands upon thousands of titles, and millions of users worldwide. Unsurprisingly, its growth last year was off the charts (thanks, VentureBeat). The global pandemic has wreaked havoc on some industries, but the games market continues to profit, and Roblox is a prime example of how companies continue to thrive.

For a long time now, Roblox has been a leader when it comes to the metaverse, which is perhaps why it’s so interesting to many as to how well the platform performs, as it continues to evolve. For example, it’s no longer just gamers that are drawn to it. Why, you ask? Well, the answer is simple. Concerts. That’s right, the US games platform is also a host for music artists.

Such talent includes Ava Max and Twenty One Pilots. Furthermore, the platform branched out into fashion last year, as its partnership with Gucci garnered the Gucci Garden experience, during which you could walk through various rooms with different aesthetics and themes.

How many people play Roblox?

Now that we’ve established that the platform entices a range of people, we have to ask, how many people play Roblox? Great question, and the answer just might stagger you.

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Heading into 2021, Roblox boasted 32.6 million daily active users, an impressive number, for sure. Yet, last year, that grew by astronomical proportions, as Roblox hit 50 million daily active users in November 2021. Furthermore, that number includes people from 180 countries.

Then there’s the number of visits user-created content achieves on the platform. It’s reported that 26,953 user-created experiences saw more than 100,000 players visit last year, while at least 10,000 people visited a further 107,737 experiences. On average, in 2021, each person on Roblox checked out around 40 games and experiences.

These stats prove that the platform isn’t only thriving for the average gamer, but for developers too, those that want to flex their creative muscles.

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Roblox game stats

However, given we’re a games site, we can’t help but take a deeper look at that area of Roblox. So, let’s take a look at which games, and genres, continue to prove popular among all you Roblox players out there.

Unsurprisingly, role-playing games proved most popular in 2021. You can attribute this to a variety of factors, such as being able to escape from everyday life, customising your own character, and more. If you’d like further details on the state of the genre in general, make sure you check this new research on RPGs, which details the category’s performance in different markets.

Other top-performing genres include action, simulator, platform, and tycoon. The latter usually focuses on you building an empire of some sort. However, it’s anime and horror games that saw the biggest boom in 2021. For example, Anime Fighters Simulator (for which we have a codes list) and The Mimic took little time to reach millions upon millions of visits.

If you’re curious as to what other titles stood out last year, Pet Swarm Simulator reached two billion visits, while StrongMan Simulator saw 470 million visits. We have lists of freebies for the latter title. Just head over to our StrongMan Simulator codes here.

Should you want to see what Roblox has to offer yourself, we have a list of the best Roblox games for you to check out. Alternatively, head over to our picks for the best Roblox horror games for a more spooky feel.