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Serve your sweet tooth with iconic candies coming to Roblox

The Roblox Sour Patch Kids collab is not a fever dream and is, in fact, official where the much-loved sweets are set to appear in their own experience.

sour patch kids candies against a backdrop of their game, sour patch kids mischief tycoon

Yes, there’s a Roblox Sour Patch Kids collaboration. No, we’re not joking. Roblox has played host to many collabs over the years, joining forces with huge anime shows, Netflix series like Stranger Things, and too many more to list out. But who would’ve thought that a candy brand would want to get in on the action?

Whether it was inspiration taken from Vanellope’s sugary domain in Disney Dreamlight Valley, or the developer had just played with too many Cookie Run Kingdom characters, the Sour Patch Kids brand is making its official debut in a brand new Roblox experience, called Sour Patch Kids Mischief Tycoon. The devs that made the game aren’t just super fans either, as it’s an official Sour Patch Kids group that you can join right now to get in on the action.

You can join the Sour World Hub and go on many adventures, as well as earn some awesome in-game items just by playing, like the Sour shirt, the Patch Backpack, and the Sour Patch Kid hat. The name of the game is to be as mischievous as possible, but in a chaotic-good way as you’ll need to restore Mischief Mountain, which the cheeky little candies have accidentally destroyed.

You’ll need to play fun mini-games to earn Mischief, the game’s cheeky currency, to then level up, buy boosts, and earn free UGC. There are four fruity-themed iterations of Mischief Mountain, including Strawberry Castle, Watermelon Dinosaur Park, and Peach Roman Colosseum, with the grape flavor apparently on its way soon, too. You can test your slingshot skills in Grape Gallery, smash fruits in Watermelon Whack, and complete the Lemonade Obby for some pretty sweet and sour loot.

sour patch kids mischief tycoon items available

If you want to join the Sour Patch Kids Group on Roblox, you can unlock a Sour Patch Kid pet boost, and we’re pretty sure that codes will appear for the sugary-sweet experience sometime soon. Videogames can make anything fun, and why wouldn’t you want to explore the land of real-life candies? Talk about breaking the fourth wall.

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