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The Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will have curvier corners, rumor says

The next Galaxy Ultra phone should be much more comfortable to hold as it'll feature rounded edges, according to the latest rumor.

A Samsung Galaxy S24 against a purple blanket

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a lot going for it, but the palm-poking pointy corners are a sore spot for a lot of people, quite literally. A new rumor says those iconic pointy corners will disappear on the next iteration, seeing the Samsung Galaxy S25 feature rounded corners.

The oft-reliable leaker, Ice Universe, posted on X saying they can “confirm 100% that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will not crush your palm again. It’s really rounded!”. A follow-up post claims that the corners are as rounded as the Galaxy Note 7, a pretty significant change from the hard edges of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The tipster also claims that the Galaxy S25 UItra will be the thinnest Ultra model in recent years. Measuring just 8.4mm thick, down from 8.6mm on the S24 Ultra, and 8.9mm on the S23 Ultra. With rounded corners and a slim chassis, it should definitely be more comfortable in your pocket than the current slab.

The pointy corners of the current flagship are an iconic design, and they help to separate the top-tier flagship from its S-series siblings, but there’s no denying that they’re less comfortable than their curvy counterparts. I’m sure some will mourn the loss, but your palms are sure to thank you on the next upgrade.

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We’re still a long way out from the official unveiling of Samsung’s next flagship devices, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning. Elsewhere we’re told to expect some serious camera upgrades as well as Google Gemini Nano 2 integration. In the meantime, if you need a device that you can buy right now, check out our guide to the best Samsung phones.