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Scythe Simulator codes July 2024

Roblox Scythe Simulator codes are the perfect way to get new pets because you shouldn’t have to slice and dice your way to the top alone.

Scythe Simulator codes - an avatar in a red beanie and blue pizza jumper wielding a scythe on front of a tree on some grass

Scythe Simulator codes can help to make your skills razor-sharp. This Roblox experience is all about becoming as proficient as possible with your trusty scythe. You need to train as hard as you can if you want to fight and win. Who knows, if you dedicate yourself enough, you might even put the Grim Reaper to shame.

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Scythe Simulator codes

Active codes:

  • scythesim30259 – wumpus pet

What are Scythe Simulator codes?

If you want a pet to accompany you as you try to master the ways of the scythe, you need to look no further than Scythe Simulator codes. We suspect that the developer, Mook Studios, will add new ones as the game gets updates or hits new milestones, as is the norm with Roblox experiences. So, to ensure you don’t miss out whenever new codes become available, bookmark this page and check back periodically.

Scythe Simulator codes redemption screen in front of a field and cliff

How do I redeem Scythe Simulator codes?

To redeem Scythe Simulator codes, you need to:

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Jump into Scythe Simulator
  • Tap the free pet button
  • Enter your code
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your freebie!

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