Our favourite Sonic figures

We’ve collected together a bunch of Sonic figures so that any fans of the blue blur can add him to their collection and fill their shelf with speedy statues

Three sonic figures: Sonic is a blue hedgehog, with red shoes and white gloves. In the middle, he is kneeling on a crashed spaceship. On the right, he is in a Funko Pop form -- so his head is abnormally large. On the left, he is a little more cartoony, squishy, and stretchy.

Sonic figures are quite an amusing proposition. The fella’s whole modus operandi is speed, so why buy a permanently static version of him? Well, the best figurines on the market capture that speed, even if the statue itself is unmoving.

We’ve collected our favourites together for all price ranges, so go grab your favourite down below. Or, for some more, check out our favourite Danganronpa figures, Pokémon figures, and Kirby plush toys to make sure your life is full of these virtual friends. We’ve also got a guide to the best portable gaming consoles if you fancy upgrading your virtual time with virtual friends.

Lego Ideas Sonic figures

Lego has moved into the videogame space excellently, and one of our favourite sets in the Sonic figures it makes. With Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and a green hill zone playset to mess around with, this is for all the creatives out there who love a bit of building.

Sonic figure: Sonic is a blue hedgehog, with red shoes and white gloves. Here, he is a little more cartoony, squishy, and stretchy.

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Sonic figure

If you fancy giving Sonic a good stretch – god knows his calves could do with one – then Goo Jit Zu has you covered with this super stretchy Sonic. He can stretch up to three times his size, so you can make it look like he’s breaking the sound barrier whenever you fancy.

Funko Pop Sonic figure

Uh oh! There’s a Sonic Funko Pop. I know, they’re a marmite phenomenon, but if you’re a fan of these square-headed weirdos, Sonic has, of course, been given the Funko surgery. How do they do it? I imagine they have a giant ice tray and shove all our beloved mascots’ heads in there, but that’s just me.

Diamond Select Sonic figure

If you’re a new fan of Sonic, or if you just loved his movie redesign, this Diamon Select Sonic figure is the one for you. Featuring his charming cartoon face from the movie, this is bigger, bolder, and a bit pricier than anything on the list so far.

Numskull Official SEGA Sonic figure

My personal pick of the bunch on this list, this Sonic figure features the blue fella running a classic zone as Dr. Eggman flies up above, looking evil, and doing what he does best: annoying Sonic. It’s beautifully retro, and it feels a little more homemade than others on this list, in a good way.

Tails and Sonic figure

Ok, this one is for the die-hards in the audience. This Sonic and Tails figure features our favourite blue hedgehog being lifted into the air by Miles Prower over a classic Sonic 3 stage. It’s big and beautiful – but it’s also hundreds of dollars. Is it worth the money? Well, how much do you like Sonic?

That’s all the Sonic figures we’ve got for today. For more, check out our guides to Rainbow Friends plush action figures, FNAF plush, and Animal Crossing plushies for even more ways to spend your hard-earned cash.