Sports Story patch set to try and bring the game up to par

With the sequel to Golf Story afflicted by some major performance issues, a Sports Story patch for Nintendo Switch is now out to try and rectify the damage

Screenshot from a tennis court in Sports Story for Sports Story patch news

If you’re like me, you may have spent a decent chunk of your holiday season being disappointed by one of the Switch’s most anticipated indie titles, Sports Story, arriving in a sorry state. Now, after a couple of weeks of waiting, a Sports Story patch is on the way to try and restore favour among the audience, but whether it not it will do enough to bring some of us around is another matter.

Sports Story was released on December 23 as part of Nintendo’s House of Indie’s event, acting as the main attraction after a week of build-up. Unfortunately, the release was marred by performance issues, including slowdown, softlocking, crashing, accidental progression, and even out-of-bounds glitches. Not only were all of these reported by the community, but in our Sports Story review we experienced every possible error, resulting in a tumultuous time with the follow-up title.

The patch – full notes are available on the Sidebar Games website – is set to solve a bunch of problems with the game, though it is slightly disconcerting that some of the issues we experienced aren’t included in the last of the changes. More patches have been promised, but with some of us having already tried to play for two weeks or so, whether it will do enough to salvage the game’s legacy is another matter.

One of the more interesting tidbits out of the Sports Story mess is courtesy of Twitter user tendog’s recording of a secret in-game room filled with developers, all of whom are expressing their frustration with a current project. Considering you can only access the room on a hacked version of the PC game, some are speculating this is the developers sharing their own frustrations with the audience. Either way, we don’t feel like it’s the end of the Sports Story saga just yet.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the Sports Story patch. For more leisurely pursuits, check out our picks for the best golf games, fishing games, and cricket games on Switch and mobile.