Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town bachelors and bachelorettes

Every romanceable character in our Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town bachelor guide

You may think Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is all about cultivating your farm and competing in events around your town with neighbours. However, it also features a large number of romanceable bachelors and bachelorettes who you can take on dates and even marry someday.

To help you decide who to woo, we put together a list that includes every Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town bachelor and bachelorette. We also include a short bio for each character so you can get to know them better, and maybe even marry them one day if you’re truly feeling the love.

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Every Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town bachelor

There are five bachelors in total for you to romance, and same-sex relationships are included, so don’t let gender put you off any of the wonderful gents below. However, it is worth noting, the marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple is known as a ‘Rite of Friendship’

A man with his hands in his pockets


Damon is perfect for anyone who likes bad boys. He appears to be unemployed, has a deep love for coffee, and a passion for motorcycles. Due to his unemployment, you can find him wandering the streets during the day and at the Hoof House Animal Shop in the evening, where he lives with his family.

A man flexing his muscles


This laidback fisherman is very easy going and loves to be near the ocean. During the day you can find Emilio near the beach, in the evening he returns home to Marcos’ House.

A man reaching into his shirt


Iori is a sweet, sensitive man and also a newcomer to Olive Town. He has a great love for fishing and poetry. During the day, you can generally find him near the pier; however, he sometimes ventures into town. In the evening he returns home.

A man holding his hands behind his back


Despite being easily distracted, Jack can be serious when the situation calls for it. This bachelor owns and lives in the general store in town, meaning that’s the best place to find him. If he isn’t at the general store, he can sometimes be found walking the streets.

A man with binoculars


Ralph loves wildlife and even has a job as a forest ranger. He has a mysterious backstory, which might be alluring to a certain type of person. You can usually find Ralph in the forests at the edge of Olive Town.

Every Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town bachelorette

Much like the gentleman, you can choose from five possible bachelorettes, and enter into a same-sex relationship. Here are the potential marriage candidates for you to take a look at.

A girl holding a tray with a drink on it


Blaire is an incredibly sweet, cute person who loves food and her family. As she works full time as a waitress at the Capeside Bistro, that’s the best place to find her during the day. In the evening you can spot her at the Gull’s Rest Hotel & Café.

A bird landing on a girls finger


Bridget loves animals more than anything else, and has turned her love into a career by working at the Hoof House Animal Shop with her parents. If you can’t find her at her place of work, the best place to check is the forest on the outskirts of Olive Town.

A girl with her hands on her hips


This sassy bachelorette is the town tour guide, and she absolutely loves meeting new people. You can find her at the Tourist Information Centre during the day, and Norman’s Groceries in the evening.

A girl looking into the camera


Linh is a sweet younger woman who works at the local flower shop with her grandfather. The best place to find Linh is at Nguyen’s Flowers. However, her day off is Monday, so you need to check the streets of Olive Town to find her then.

A girl holding a book


Reina is incredibly smart and works at the local museum as a relic appraiser. Seeing as she both lives and works at Olive Museum, that’s the best place to find her. However, she does take Thursdays off, so you’ll occasionally see her wandering the streets in her leisure time.

There you have it, that’s every Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town bachelor and bachelorette. If you need a little bit more help, take a look at our Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town guide for assistance.