Tactics Ogre Reborn tarot cards – buffs, stat effects, and more

If you want to fight your way through a warring world of fantasy, you need to know all there is to know about Tactics Ogre Reborn tarot cards

Tactics Ogre Reborn battlefield screenshot with a main character about to face off using their tarot cards

If you need to turn the tables when battling in Square Enix’s iconic tactical title, you need to get your head around Tactics Ogre Reborn tarot cards. Depending on which type you pick up, these cards can either boost your stats permanently, buff a specific skill for a battle, or inflict status effects on the enemy.

So, Tactics Ogre Reborn tarot cards certainly come in handy, and we’ve listed all of those available throughout your adventure so you can tick them off as you come across them. If you’ve ever had a tarot reading before, you might recognise some of the cards from the Major Arcana designs the game uses, but don’t worry, seeing the fool doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom from there on out. 

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So, let’s see what the future holds with all of the Tactics Ogre Reborn tarot cards.

Tactics Ogre Reborn stat change tarot cards

All of the stat changes below take place when you find Tactics Ogre Reborn tarot cards in battle, and unlike the tarot cards you choose to use, these permanently buff your stats. 

Tarot card Effect
The Magician INT +
The High Priestess MND + 
The Empress MP + 
The Emperor HP +
The Hierophant  MND +
The Lovers Loyalty +/-
The Chariot STR + 
Strength STR + 
The Hermit INT +
Wheel of Fortune AVD +
Justice AVD +
The Hanged Man VIT +
Death LUK +/-
Temperance RES + 
The Devil LUK +/-
The Tower VIT + 
The Star DEX +
The Moon AGI + 
The Sun AGI + 
Judgement  DEX +
The World RES +
The Fool Loyalty + 
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Tactics Ogre Reborn buff and status effect tarot cards 

All of the Tactics Ogre Reborn tarot card effects in the table below occur when you use them as an item in battle, rather than finding them after felling an enemy. 

Tarot card Effect
The Magician Enfeeble
The High Priestess Healcraft
The Empress Resilient
The Emperor Fortify
The Hierophant  Spellstrike
The Lovers Spoilheal
The Chariot Breached
Strength Strengthen
The Hermit Spellcraft
Wheel of Fortune Blinkwalk
Justice Dodge
The Hanged Man Falsestrike
Death Weaken
Temperance Stagger
The Devil Spoilspell
The Tower Misstep
The Star Trueflight
The Moon Falseflight
The Sun Sidestep
Judgement  Truestrike
The World Cloudwalk
The Fool Spellslip

Tactics Ogre Reborn tarot cards crafting

It’s worth pointing out that there are three tarot cards you need if you want to craft all the possible weapons in Tactics Ogre Reborn. You can find each weapon, as well as the tarot card you need to craft it, in the table below. 

Weapon Tarot card needed
Rapier +1  The Chariot
Battle Axe +1  The Tower
Zweihander +1 and Voulge +1 The Hanged Man 

There you have it, all the Tactics Ogre Reborn tarot cards. For more scintillating strategy titles, check out our picks for the best Switch strategy games