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Tarisland tier list July 2024

Our handy Tarisland tier list is here to help you pick your ideal class, understand what they do, and their role on the battlefield.

Tarisland tier list - three characters from the game on a blurred background

Venturing out into planet Taris requires you to fight off fiendish foes, but our Tarisland tier list is here to aid you on your adventures. If you’re wondering what each class is capable of, and how they can fit into your party, we’ve put together a summation below. As developer Level Infinite continues to update the game, these classes may receive a buff or nerf to balance them out, so we’ll keep our tier list updated accordingly.

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Tarisland tier list

You’ll find that all the Tarisland classes all have unique specialities, making some of them better suited to specific situations, like arena battles as opposed to conquering fierce dungeons.

Rank Tarisland characters
S Barbarian – frozen, Barbarian – thunder, Bard – harmony, Ranger – tamed beast, Ranger – hunting, Shadow Swordsman – duel
A Mage – flame, Mage – frost, Paladin – justice, Shadow Swordsman – cunning, Warrior – war shield
B Bard – solo, Paladin – guard, Warrior – rage
C Phantom Necro – soul healing, Phantom Necro – soul snatch, Priest – faith, Priest – pray
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What are the different classes in Tarisland?

These are the different classes in Tarisland, and what their best roles are. However, don’t forget that each role contains two paths, which may suit your preferred play style. Although, they mostly fill the same role no matter which you choose.

  • Barbarian – tank and melee DPS
    • Both the frozen and thunder paths for the Barbarian are really good options for all combat areas thanks to the cleave damage and their tank abilities. Barbarians also provide AoE attacks and raid buffs for your party.
  • Bard – healer and DPS
    • No, they don’t sing or have a lute – these bards provide burst damage and either singular or group healing to your party, along with buffs.
  • Mage – ranged DPS
    • The Mage may be quite weak in terms of defense, but they can do some serious damage with the frost and flame options. They will be your DPS in your party, so make sure to take a tank and/or a healer with them.
  • Paladin – tank and DPS
    • Paladins are the best tanks in Tarisland, though they can be capable DPS choices too. They can heal themselves in battle, shield, and provide some buffs for your team.
  • Phantom Necro – healer and ranged DPS
    • While the Phantom Necro class can provide some AoE damage, it’s not the strongest. We suggest using them as healers instead unless you have another healer in your party.
  • Priest – healer and DPS
    • The Priest is the best healer option in Tarisland, providing AoE healing for your entire party. You can also build them as a DPS if you’d like, though using them as a healer and buffer is probably the more viable option.
  • Ranger – ranged DPS
    • Rangers are damage dealers – if you want to hit things from further away, they’re your best bet due to how mobile they are. They’re also really good for exploration.
  • Shadow Swordsman – DPS
    • The Shadow Swordsman, as the name may propose, can use a unique stealth mechanic in combat for ten seconds. You may know the Swordsman as a ‘rogue’ class. You can focus on poisons and damage over time, or go for the Duel path that uses burst damage.
  • Warrior – tank and melee DPS
    • Warriors are very capable damage dealers, only missing out to the Barbarian in terms of ability. This class can provide buffs for your party, too, along with almost constant damage.
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