New zombie-bashing characters head to The Walking Dead: All Stars

The Walking Dead: All Stars new characters are ready to help you fight the hordes as a host of new content lands in the game, including events

A man holds a gun underneath the chin of a taller, burlier man, with crowds of people behind the two.

In a world full of zombies, you need some trustworthy allies to watch your back, and that’s especially true in The Walking Dead: All Stars. Luckily, some new content not only introduces the next story chapter, a survival event dungeon, and support events but two new characters as well.

The first of The Walking Dead: All Stars new characters is Bell, an epic-grade hero that can strike at her foes from up close and afar, making her a formidable friend, the fact that her melee weapon is rope mixed with barbed wire indicates she’s not afraid to show a little brutality.

Brody, meanwhile, likes to swing around a big hammer as he relies on counter damage to put an end to those that hunt him. Luckily, he has fantastic range for a purely melee character, so we’re sure he’s going to be great for bashing some skulls with.

As if the two new characters aren’t enough, you can jump into the limited-time PvP underground bunker, where you can face off in head-to-head combat to win a bunch of rewards. However, you need to act fast, as it’s only available until December 3.

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