Tower of Fantasy Aida Pioneers is looking for more content creators

The Tower of Fantasy Aida Pioneers initiative is for content creators that are enthusiastic about the game and want to make ToF-related content

A circus in Tower of Fantasy with characters pointing towards it in excitiment for the Tower of Fantasy Aida Pioneers programme

Tower of Fantasy is proving to be a hit with many players worldwide, less than a week after its global launch. Unsurprisingly, Level Infinite is keen to keep the good times rolling, and that means it’s looking for more ToF Aida Pioneers members. Should you be a fan of the MMORPG and an enthusiastic content creator, this could be the opportunity for you.

The Tower of Fantasy Aida Pioneers project is an initiative that seeks out content creators that want to show the MMORPG to the world. Signing up for ToF Aida Pioneers campaign is a fantastic opportunity that has various benefits for those that meet the selection criteria. For instance, you get to meet like-minded individuals, have direct support from the initiative team, earn a bunch of in-game rewards, and have more collaboration options.

To begin with, the Tower of Fantasy Aida Pioneers initiative is looking to recruit creators in North America and Europe, though applications are to roll out to other regions soon. If you plan to make ToF videos, graphics, or any other form of creativity, you’re welcome to apply.

How can I sign up for the Tower of Fantasy Aida Pioneers campaign?

You can sign up for the ToF Aida Pioneers initiative via this official form. However, not all applicants can be accepted. For even more details, you can check out the announcement for the recruitment programme.

Tower of Fantasy Aida Pioneer promotional image letting you know more about the program

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