Tower of Fantasy characters

Welcome to Hykros, Wanderer! Allow us to introduce you to all the Tower of Fantasy characters and Simulacra you can currently find in this exciting, open world.

Tower of Fantasy characters Venus, Frigg, and others, all jumping into action in a sci-fi setting

While this title has many exciting features to pull you in, from its fast-paced combat to its massive map with heaps of locations to explore, the Tower of Fantasy characters are a true highlight. Whether you’re chatting to an NPC about a lost cat or pulling a playable simulacra from the banners, their designs, lore, and personalities are truly engaging.

The current roster of playable ToF characters, also known as simulacra, is relatively small, but we expect the list to grow in the future. They each boast a gorgeous design, intriguing bios, and powerful weapons, making pulling all of them extremely worthwhile. In this guide, we introduce you to each of the Tower of Fantasy Simulacra, and go into a few details about what makes them so special.

So let’s take a look at the Tower of Fantasy characters.

SR Tower of Fantasy characters

Tower of Fantasy Ene splash art

Ene (Oraphin)

Weapon: Pummeler (ice shell hammer)

Bio: the first prototype of the private military contractor’s combat droids, Ene is a backup of the consciousness of the project owner’s daughter, who eventually earned the right to live as a human. She’s decisive and holds great, destructive power, but isn’t a fan of teamwork.

Favourite gifts: games, decorations, and toys

Tower of Fantasy Echo splash art


Weapon: Thunderous Halberd (volt halberd)

Bio: Born in Warren Snowfield under the name Manaka, she dreamed of stepping out of the land of pure snow to see the rest of the world. After her shelter was destroyed when she was nine, leading to the death of her parents, she was rescued by a passing merchant and sent to a recovery facility in Banges. Since then, she has taken the role of a Wastewalker, embarking on a mission to punish evil and spread good.

Favourite gifts: everyday items, limited store items, games

Tower of Fantasy Pepper splash art

Pepper (Pei Pei)

Weapon: Staff of Scars (volt staff)

Bio: the descendent of a wealthy Banges family, Pepper is well educated and compassionate. Her parents succumbed to aberration and now live in confinement, and, since then, Pepper has worked in the medical department at Hykros, trying to work out a way to reverse the disease

Favourite gifts: everyday items, decorations, saved

Tower of Fantasy Hilda splash art


Weapon: The Terminator (ice shell chain gun)

Bio: A friendly but forgetful, gun-toting gal from Banges Port, her name is known by people all over town. She’s adored for her kindness and negotiation skills, leading to her near-celebrity status, and all the kids of the port love her.

Favourite gifts: limited store items, figurines, toys

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa splash art

Bai Ling

Weapon: Nightingale’s Feather (grievous bow)

Bio: Bai Ling is the current leader of the HT201 Shelter, and is therefore in charge of its daily operation and combat command. However, she only took the role recently, and as such she still feels a little overwhelmed and flustered by all the responsibilities. Regardless, she’s considerate, responsible, meticulous, good at bookkeeping, and clearly has what it takes to ensure the shelter remains in good shape.

Favourite gifts: rare items, saved, decorations

SSR Tower of Fantasy characters

Tower of Fantasy Nemesis splash art


Weapon: Venus (EM blaster guns)

Bio: Nemesis suffered mutation, then underwent Heirs of Aida’s modifications, becoming an Angel of Clemency. She’s usually quiet and introverted, but becomes a merciless killing machine under the Heirs of Aida leader Sage’s mind control.

Check out our Tower of Fantasy Nemesis build for a full guide on her and her weapon.

Favourite gifts: toys, decorations, everyday items

Tower of Fantasy Zero splash art

Zero (Rei)

Weapon: Negating Cube (flame cube/catalyst)

Bio: A super-intelligent computer whizz who appears to be about 15 years old, Zero has destroyed all trace of his real name and personal information. He’s sharp and witty, and has a fierce competitive streak, leading him to ignore anything he sees as meaningless.

Check out our Tower of Fantasy Zero build for a full guide on him and his weapon.

Favourite gifts: games, limited store items

Tower of Fantasy Huma splash art

Huma (Schumer)

Weapon: Molten Shield V2 (flame shield axe)

Bio: Huma is under the medical care of Hykros after contracting a rare disease that made her develop superhuman strength. Despite being quite an introvert, nothing can stop her when she puts her mind to something.

Favourite gifts: everyday items, games, decorations

Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa splash art

Tsubasa (Hane)

Weapon: Icewind Arrow (ice shell bow)

Bio: Tsubasa is a former Hykros employee, ex-Hyena officer, and, more recently, a part of the Heirs of Aida. Highly skilled beyond her years, she’s a talkative and opportunistic individual, always keeping her fingers on the pulse to ensure she’s always ‘where it’s buzzing’.

Favourite gifts: figurines, limited store items, rare items

Tower of Fantasy Shiro splash art


Weapon: Chakram of the Seas (grievous chakram)

Bio: Shiro is a laser-focused scientist with a great passion for the sea – good luck getting close to her if you don’t share her aquatic interests. She managed to alter a key gear on a desalination device, resulting in her defensive weapon that’s super tough and resilient.

Check out our Tower of Fantasy Shiro build guide for more info on her and her weapon.

Favourite gifts: metal items, saved, rare items

Tower of Fantasy King splash art


Weapon: Scythe of the Crow (flame scythe)

Bio: A straight-talking, no-nonsense brawler, King is known to be extremely bold and brash, and is always ready to resort to violence at the drop of a hat. He’s tough and committed when on a mission, but rarely has a penny to his name despite all the fights he wins.

Check out our Tower of Fantasy King build guide for more info on him and his weapon.

Favourite gifts: saved, rare items, limited store items

Tower of Fantasy Cocoritter splash art


Weapon: Absolute Zero (ice shell staff)

Bio: A sweet and innocent young lady, Cocoritter specialises in taking care of her allies through her healing staff and abilities. She adores the snow and has a huge passion for penguins (who can blame her? They’re adorable)

Favourite gifts: toys, decorations, rare items

Tower of Fantasy Claudia splash art


Weapon: Guren Blade (grievous sword)

Bio: A righteous, dominant, and fierce lady, Claudia certainly isn’t the type of person you want to mess with. She’s heralded as the captain and commander of all heroes and is known to strike fear into the hearts of her enemies – right before she slices them in two with her powerful, one-handed sword, of course. However, she can be indecisive and has a secret love for cats.

Favourite gifts: everyday items, rare items, decorations

Tower of Fantasy Crow splash art

Crow (Karasuma)

Weapon: Thunderblades (volt dual blades)

Bio: A powerful, quick, and cunning assassin, Crow is faster than the lightning he wields, and seeks to punish evildoers and cleanse them of their sins. He’s optimistic, is a sucker for cats, and often hides at night, lurking in the shadows as he plans out his next move.

Check out our Tower of Fantasy Crow build guide for more info on him and his weapon.

Favourite gifts: everyday items, figurines, limited store items

Tower of Fantasy Meryl splash art


Weapon: Rosy Edge (ice shell claymore)
The senior executor of Hykros, Meryl’s outstanding combat skills have enabled her to excel in even the most dangerous of missions. She can seem a little frosty as she keeps her distance from everyone and attempts to hide her feelings, but she’s far from emotionless.

Check out our Tower of Fantasy Meryl build guide for more info on her and her weapon.

Favourite gifts: saved, rare items

Tower of Fantasy Samir splash art

Samir (Semir)

Weapon: Dual EM Stars (volt dual pistols)

Bio: Laidback and free-spirited, Samir may seem chill, but she’s also the top gunslinger in the land – even among elite Executors. She also has a bit of a wild side, and enjoys playing jokes and pranks on others.

Check out our Tower of Fantasy Samir build guide for more info on her and her weapon.

Favourite gifts: games, toys

Tower of Fantasy official art showing Frigg and Nemesis in a grey, chaotic zone

Other Tower of Fantasy characters


ToF’s answer to Genshin’s Paimon, Mia is your robotic sidekick who follows you everywhere. Abandoned by her previous owner, Zeke found her while out on his travels and brought her back to the Astra Shelter to give Shirli a helping hand. Her chips are a little scrambled, which sometimes leads to dialogue glitches, but her mechanical heart is always in the right place.


Shirli is an optimistic, upbeat, and outgoing young girl with a reckless streak. She helps you when you first arrive unconscious at the shelter, and as such, you form a strong bond with her. She aspires to be a strong, problem solver capable of helping others like her big brother, Zeke.


Shirli’s big brother and leader of the Astra Shelter, Zeke carries a heavy weight of responsibility as he feels responsible for protecting everyone around him. He can come across as a little cold and emotionless, but he’s fiercely protective of Shirli, who is his only living relative (and the only person capable of cracking his resolve).


Right hand of the Sage and an Angel of Clemency, Frigg follows her master unconditionally. She’s straightforward and has a unique philosophy and outlook on life.

That’s everything we know about all the Tower of Fantasy characters at the moment. We’ll be sure to update this guide if any new information comes out, or if Hotta Studio announces any fresh Tower of Fantasy Simulacra. In the meantime, head over to our list of the best games like Genshin Impact to find a new world to explore.