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New horse girl mobile game asks ‘what if your girlfriend was a horse?’

Umamusume: Pretty Derby’s English release is finally a reality, so prepare to welcome the girls of Tracen Academy into your lives.

Umamusume Pretty Derby guide: Three horse girls outlined in white and pasted on a blurred game screenshot

Cygames Inc. has announced that an Umamusume: Pretty Derby English release is in the works, bringing the bizarrely charming horse girl training simulator to fans across the world. The game is based on a popular anime of the same name, and it originally launched in Japan in 2021.

While it’s technically not a dating game, you build relationships with the anthropomorphic horse girls in Umamusume: Pretty Derby by helping them train for their races, similar to the mechanics in idol training games or even football games like Blue Lock PWC. The game combines story elements, races, training, and even concerts to create a vibrant atmosphere, and it’s all rendered in 3D.

If you want to be one of the first to try out the English version of the game, you need to visit Cygames’ booth at Anime Expo 2024 in Los Angeles. Between July 4 – 7, you can try out Umamusume at the event and receive exclusive merchandise from the series, as well as badges and stickers from Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond and Granblue Fantasy in the process.

Umamusume: Pretty Derby global release date speculation

Currently, all we know is that development on an English version of Umamusume: Pretty Derby is “currently underway”. The Japanese version of the game faced several delays before it finally launched in 2021, but since this is a localization rather than a completely new project, we’re hopeful that the English version will launch in 2025.

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That’s everything we know so far about the Umamusume: Pretty Derby English release. If you’re in the market for more horse games, we’ve got you covered. Or, if you’re still seeking the thrill of the race, check out our Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! review.