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Uno! Mobile moves beyond colors to aid colorblind fans

Uno! Mobile’s Beyond Colors update makes the traditionally color-heavy card game accessible for colorblind players by using shape symbols.

Uno Mobile Beyond Colors: Uno's colorblind-friendly deck outlined in black and pasted on a blurred screenshot from the trailer showing a classic colorblindness test

Mobile game developer Mattel163 has released Uno! Mobile’s Beyond Colors feature, which brings the digital game up to date with its physical counterpart in terms of colorblind accessibility. The new decks are part of a free update available now for Uno! Mobile, as well as the company’s other card game titles, Phase 10: World Tour and Skip-Bo Mobile.

Uno! Mobile, the app version of the classic party game of the same name, is immensely popular around the world, contributing massively to Mattel163’s over 350 million combined game downloads alongside Phase 10 and Skip-Bo Mobile. Coincidentally, according to the Cleveland Clinic, an estimated 300 million people globally experience colorblindness, so it’s highly likely that many of Uno! Mobile’s players do too. The Beyond Colors update adds uniform shapes like squares and triangles to the game’s cards to signify the four key colors clearly to all sighted players.

This change is just one part of the company’s efforts to strive for inclusion and accessibility in its games. Mattel163’s CEO Amy Huang says, “We have already enabled over 350 million users to play at the touch of a screen and we strive to lead the charge of inclusion through innovation. By introducing the ‘Beyond Colors’ update to Uno! Mobile, Phase 10: World Tour, and Skip-Bo Mobile, we want to empower people around the world to connect with each other without barriers and bring the beloved franchises to more mobile players!”

Following parent company Mattel’s method for making the traditional version of Uno! accessible, Mattel163 enlisted the help of its global gaming community to learn from the experiences of its colorblind players. This information aided the creation of the Beyond Colors decks, allowing for a recognizable and consistent shape system that works in all three mobile card games.

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The Beyond Colors decks are available now across Uno! Mobile, Phase 10: World Tour, and Skip-Bo Mobile. Simply select the Beyond Colors deck from the card theme settings menu.

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