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Warframe gears up for TennoCon 2024 with some gnarly Twitch Drops

Celebrate a new era of Warframe soon as TennoCon 2024 approaches, and join the festivities with these fresh Warframe Twitch Drops.

Warframe TennoCon 2024: An image of two Warframes holding weapons.

Just over a decade ago Warframe launched onto the ARPG scene, and Digital Extremes’ multiplayer titan only continues to get better. TennoCon 2024 is right around the corner, as fans of the Nintendo Switch RPG gather round for exciting reveals, panels, and best of all: free stuff. If you can’t attend the convention in person, don’t worry, because these Warframe Twitch Drops more than make up for it.

According to Digital Extremes, Warframe players can tune in on Saturday, July 20, 2024, to claim two exclusive Twitch Drops. You don’t even need to boot up the excellent mobile shooter, you merely need to give your undivided attention to the TennoCon 2024 stream itself. We know you’ll likely be watching anyway, but just in case you’re wondering what items are up for grabs, here’s what the studio is giving away for free below.

  • AX-52 Rifle: Watch any TennoCon stream for 30 minutes
  • Saryn Prime: Watch any TennoCon stream for 30 minutes

Furthermore, you’ll need to view the acclaimed ARPG game’s Twitch stream between the following times:

  • 11:30AM ET to 4:30PM ET
  • 8:30AM PT to 1:30PM PT
  • 4:30PM BST to 9:30PM BST
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If you happen to be attending TennoCon 2024 across the pond in Canada, Digital Extremes is providing attendees a personalized code for these items via email instead. Should you be unable to use Twitch, don’t worry, because there are other means of acquiring these lucrative rewards. According to the studio, players can “watch our TennoCon broadcasts on our Steam page to earn the [Twitch] Drops.” For those of you who may be brand-new to the massive Switch RPG, Prime Warframes are enhanced versions of existing Warframes, offering certain advantages on the battlefield.

For example, if you happen to absolutely love one of the starter Warframes like Excalibur, the Prime version of this powerful character has higher energy and armor statistics compared to its standard counterpart. Some Prime Warframes, like this one, are so good that they’re only available for a limited-time. So, be sure to get hold of the Saryn Prime Warframe before it’s too late.

Like in previous years, you can see what’s next for one of the best action games on mobile and Switch by joining fellow players in the forthcoming Warframe relay event. “There will be a special in-game relay event where you can gather with others from across the Origin System to see what’s next for Warframe,” says Digital Extremes.

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In the meantime, you can check out our interview with the Warframe studio, as we dive into how it is poised to become one of the best mobile games around after a long stint on Nintendo Switch and other platforms.