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Genshin Impact mobile is getting controller support

The hallmark of a great RPG is the ability to lose yourself in a world for hours on end, meeting fun new characters, and completing perilous quests.

Being able to play comfortably is an important part of that. Despite being one of the most popular RPGs around, Genshin Impact still doesn’t have mobile controller support…

That is, until now. Genshin Impact version 1.3 adds the spear-wielding anemo user Xiao, a lantern festival, and a grumpy looking new boss, Geovishap.

But one of the biggest changes in the “All That Glitters” update is the inclusion of controller support for iOS devices.

This new feature arrives on February 3 alongside a number of other quality of life changes, the ability to pre-install updates, and more ways to earn all-important Original Resin.

It’s a welcome introduction that will let players experience new modes like tower-defence chess challenge, Theatre Mechanicus, without the drawbacks of a touch screen.

Version 1.3 also brings plenty of other features to enjoy - whether the new living beings archive, which is basically a Genshin Impact bestiary, or a wealth of story quests.

If you want to utilise Genshin’s new controller support, you’re going to need a phone running iOS 14 or higher, and have one of the list of supported gamepads.

The list includes the Xbox Wireless and Elite Wireless controllers, as well as the PlayStation DualShock 4, and MFi controllers.

There’ll also be partial support for some other brands of bluetooth controller, though we don’t know the exact details yet.

All in all, it’s great to see Mihoyo continue to support Genshin Impact’s community with significant quality of life changes like this.