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Why the Switch is the ultimate JRPG machine

Whether you’re brand new to the magical world of JRPGs, or a die-hard fan of the genre, we take a look at what makes the Nintendo Switch the quintessential JRPG machine for all.


Even the shortest JRPGs take up over 40 hours of your time, and that doesn’t include completing side quests or grinding to defeat the toughest bosses. That’s where the Switch’s portability comes in handy.

Quickly grabbing your fully charged Switch out of the dock means you can power level to your heart’s content while on public transport, when friends or family need the TV, or while you’re in the bathroom.

Ease of play

Most home consoles are slow to start up and force you to completely reload the game whenever you turn the console off and on. The Switch is a lot faster to pick back up.

When you are done playing your favourite JRPG for the day, simply put the Switch into sleep mode. When you next pick it up, you’re able to start the game right where you left off, with no wait times at all.

Gorgeous remasters

More than five classic Final Fantasy titles have received lovingly crafted remasters with beautiful graphics, rearranged soundtracks, and some much-needed quality of life improvements.

As well as some classic remasters, recent games like Xenoblade Chronicles, Disgaea, and much more have been rereleased for the console so a new audience can enjoy them.

Classic game enhancements

The remasters on Switch don’t just look good, they’ve also improved on some of the slower aspects of old JRPG titles.

Whether you want to use the three times speed boost to grind levels with ease, or take an even easier route and become invincible to just enjoy the story, the Switch is the console for you.

Fresh exclusives

If you aren’t interested in the graphics or style of old-school JRPGs, the Switch has become home to many exclusives.

Octopath Traveler, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Pokémon Sword and Shield, and much more can only be found on Nintendo, meaning you’ll never be short on JRPGs to play.