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Wildfrost and Balatro is a match made in heaven, or possibly hell

The final Wildfrost update skates onto Switch, ushering in a horde of new enemies, companions, charms, and more to shake up your runs.

Wildfrost mobile: A Nintendo Switch OLED with silver Joy-Cons pasted on an ice-blue background. The Switch is showing a piece of Wildfrost official art showing the Naked Gnome and the Buff Berry pointing and 'pogging' at a Balatro Jimbo card charm in the center of the image

Nintendo Switch fans looking for a challenge can now access the latest Wildfrost update, ‘Friends & Foes’, for free via the eShop. This new version is the largest content update to the game so far, it is also the last, suggesting that the two-man development team Gaziter and Deadpan Games is moving on to new things.

Wildfrost is a painfully adorable yet punishing roguelike deckbuilder that’s melted the frozen hearts of many since its release – including our own Guides Editor Tilly, as you can see from her Wildfrost mobile review. The game’s version 1.2 update, ‘Friends & Foes’, launched on Steam at the beginning of June, and has now made its way to the Switch for portable players to enjoy. Plus, we’re told that the update is coming to mobile soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

‘Friends & Foes’, as the name suggests, focuses on adding a range of new enemies, player cards, and companions to add additional challenges to your runs and diversify your strategies. One such companion is Nova, who long-time fans will recognize from Wildfrost’s initial key art. She’s finally ready to make her debut and help you take on the Pengoons.

Digital card game fans have undoubtedly heard of Balatro, the Switch poker game taking the world by storm. Wildfrost’s content update adds Balatro’s Jimbo the Joker as an unlockable card charm to add to your loadout, joining the Lamb from Cult of the Lamb in the game’s growing roster of indie game references.

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Wildfrost’s soundtrack is almost as engrossing as its gameplay, so if you’re a fan of ‘chill beats to kick frozen butt to’, you can pre-order the game’s original score on vinyl today from Black Screen Records.

That’s everything you need to know about the final Wildfrost update. For more deckbuilding action, check out our list of the best mobile card games next. Alternatively, find other pleasing but punishing Switch games in our guides to the best games like Dark Souls and games like Hades.