All the latest Wordle answers

Having taken the world by storm, everyone’s playing Wordle today, so if you’re struggling, we can help with all the answers to the simple but tricky word game

A Wordle grid with a question mark in the middle for a header for Wordle today.

Wordle today is a rare phenomenon where it feels like everyone is part of something simple and positive. Like when the world was joyfully experiencing Pokémon Go, you can see Wordle answers all over social media. It’s quite nice that we’re all enjoying something together.

Made by Josh Wardle, it originally started as a project for his partner, as they enjoyed playing word games together. Since then, Wardle sold the viral hit to The New York Times Company, so, it’s obviously a big hit. If you’re struggling to get the answer and don’t want to lose your streak, just scroll down to find out all of the answers. Or you can check out our guide if you’re still asking yourself “what is Wordle?

What is the answer in Wordle today?

Here you can find today’s Wordle answer. We’ll update this every morning, so be sure to bookmark this page for easy access.

Here’s a list of all Wordle answers:

  • Wordle today, February 3 – TASTY
  • Wordle today, February 2 – SHIRK
  • Wordle today, February 1 – SCOLD
  • Wordle today, January 31 – CROSS
  • Wordle today, January 30 – CRAVE
  • Wordle today, January 29 – FISHY
  • Wordle today, January 28 – FLIRT
  • Wordle today, January 27 – WORRY
  • Wordle today, January 26 – BEEFY
  • Wordle today, January 25 – MAIZE
  • Wordle today, January 24 – COUNT
  • Wordle today, January 23 – ELUDE
  • Wordle today, January 22 – MATEY
  • Wordle today, January 21 – BLURB
  • Wordle today, January 20 – ALTER
  • Wordle today, January 19 – MUCKY
  • Wordle today, January 18 – CHARD
  • Wordle today, January 17 – ADOPT
  • Wordle today, January 16 – FROCK
  • Wordle today, January 15 – SPIRE
  • Wordle today, January 14 – KOALA
  • Wordle today, January 13 – HUMAN
  • Wordle today, January 12 – LEAPT
  • Wordle today, January 11 – SEDAN
  • Wordle today, January 10 – GRIMY
  • Wordle today, January 9 – PIXIE
  • Wordle today, January 8 – OPERA
  • Wordle today, January 7 – LEMON
  • Wordle today, January 6 – BELIE
  • Wordle today, January 5 – SLEEK
  • Wordle today, January 4 – LAYER
  • Wordle today, January 3 – ANTIC
  • Wordle today, January 2 – SKIRT
  • Wordle today, January 1 – WHINE
  • Wordle today, December 31 – MANLY
  • Wordle today, December 30 – MOLAR
  • Wordle today, December 29 – HAVOC
  • Wordle today, December 28 – IMPEL
  • Wordle today, December 27 – CONDO
  • Wordle today, December 26 – JUDGE
  • Wordle today, December 25 – EXTRA
  • Wordle today, December 24 – POISE
  • Wordle today, December 23 – AORTA
  • Wordle today, December 22 – EXCEL
  • Wordle today, December 21 – LUNAR
  • Wordle today, December 20 – THIRD
  • Wordle today, December 19 – SLATE
  • Wordle today, December 18 – TAPER
  • Wordle today, December 17 – CHORD
  • Wordle today, December 16 – PROBE
  • Wordle today, December 15 – RIVAL

A screenshot explaining the rules of Wordle.

  • How do I work out the Wordle answer?
  • If you’re struggling to work out today’s Wordle answer, there are a few simple steps that can help make your life a little easier. Here are our top Wordle tips:
  • Choose a good starting word (more on that below)
  • Get rid of as many vowels as early as possible (A, E, I, O, U)
  • Focus on using common letters (S, R, L, T)
  • Don’t forget that a letter highlighted in yellow can still appear twice – the game won’t give you any indication of the number of times the letter appears
  • A screenshot showing a game of Wordle, with the word 'ALTER' at the top as the first guess.
  • What should I use as my Wordle starting word?
  • Wordle consists of five-letter words. We recommend trying to work out the vowels first, as it will help with understanding the form of the word. Something like ‘AUDIO’ is quite good, although not that many words end in ‘O’. ‘OUIJA’ is another popular one, but that includes the letter ‘J’ which is not a common consonant, so we don’t really recommend it.
  • There have been some deep dives into what the best word to start Wordle is. One video about solving Worlde with information theory concluded that the best starting word is ‘CRANE’. Other studies have concluded that words like ‘SOARE’, ‘IRATE’, and ‘ALTER’, are all good options.
  • Well, there’s the answer for Wordle today. Hopefully, it helps you keep your streak alive! If you’re looking for something similar but new, check out our games like Wordle guide to keep puzzling and keep that brain ticking.
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