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Adventure through Worlds of Aria, a chaotic co-op game inspired by D&D

Whether chaotic evil or lawful good, you can make the Worlds of Aria yours as Ludogram unveils a Switch launch planned later this year.

worlds of aria characters prepare to set off on an adventure together

Dungeons & Dragons has been thoroughly adored in the gaming world since the TTRPG’s inception back in the 80s, through Eddie Munson leading a campaign against Vecna in Stranger Things, to Baldur’s Gate 3 guiding you around the Sword Coast, the concept continues to thrive. Worlds of Aria is a brand-new co-op adventure that puts the tabletop into the virtual world, blending the two together to create a truly chaotic D&D-inspired experience.

Worlds of Aria is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch later this year, just after its PC release, and you’ll be tasked with saving the kingdom from a duplicitous Duke while you decide on whether the best course of action is to team up to take down enemies, or scheme against your own party members. Throughout all of your mighty adventures or roguish mishaps, Worlds of Aria is narrated by the incredible Laura Bailey of The Last of Us Part II and Critical Role fame, meaning you’ll get a true Dungeons and Dragons experience.

So, you wake up. You’re bound with ropes in the middle of a demonic ritual, about to be sacrificed by faceless enemies. What do you do? It’s the question that just keeps coming, and with multiple endings to discover and a whole bunch of different paths to take, you can make Worlds of Aria your own when it comes to Switch later this year.

You can embark on a solo mission to save the kingdom, or team up with three other players to make a party, and adventure through the tabletop world as you roll the dice, collect legendary treasures, and triumph over whatever dangers that may lie in your path. If you’ve always wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons without having to interact with other human beings, then this game is for you (honestly, we’ve all been there, sometimes you just want to adventure from the comfort of your sofa).

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Worlds of Aria comes from French developer Ludogram, who you might recognize as the indie studio that created SeriePlay, an immersive multiple-choice series for mobile. The studio is also working on Firebird, a visual novel exploring Slavic folklore, so if you’re after an engaging narrative and plenty of choice (and consequences to your actions), then make sure to keep your eyes peeled for when Worlds of Aria arrives on Switch later this year.

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