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Wuthering Waves Baizhi build

Here’s the best Wuthering Waves Baizhi build showing how You’Tan works, Baizhi's best weapons, echo sets, and stats to prioritize.

wuthering waves baizhi's splash art showing YouTan on a blue background

Everyone needs a good healer to fall back on, so we suggest you read our Wuthering Waves Baizhi guide and build her into a great support unit. She can provide ample healing with her icy Pokémon-like monster friend, and grant an attack boost to your team while she’s at it.

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Here’s everything in our Wuthering Waves Baizhi guide:

What’s the best Baizhi build?

Baizhi is a researcher based in Jinzhou, who you meet early on in the Wuthering Waves story. She specializes in studying remnant echo acoustics, which let her meet her companion You’Tan, who provides healing and powers to you and your team.

She uses a rectifier weapon, and we recommend the Comet Flare or Variation weapons for her, along with a full set of rejuvenating glow echoes to increase the healing that she and You’Tan provide. Luckily, you can use Baizhi in almost any team as a healer and damage amplifier without restriction.

If you manage to get her sequence nodes, she becomes a powerful unit, too. Her fifth node allows her to revive a downed ally and heal them to 100% once in a battle – though there is a cooldown on this skill. Still, it’s incredibly helpful in the Tower of Adversity combat mode.

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How do I use Baizhi?

To properly make use of Baizhi’s healing and boosts, you should deploy You’Tan and perform four basic attacks, building her Forte Gauge’s Concentration stacks. Then you can use her resonance skill for maximum healing. Baizhi’s resonance liberation provides an attack boost, so use it whenever it’s ready, and activating her outro skill activates a damage boost, too, so make sure to swap to your DPS.

What are Baizhi’s stats?

Here are Baizhi’s base stats at level one and level 90, without any echo or weapon buffs.

Stat Level one Level 90
HP 1,025 12,813
Attack 17 213
Defense 82 1,002
Max energy 175 175
Crit rate  5%  5%
Crit damage 150% 150%
Healing bonus 0% 0%
Glacio damage bonus 0% 0%

What are Baizhi’s skills?

Baizhi’s key abilities are her resonance skill and liberation, as this is where her healing and damage boost come from.

Here are all of Baizhi’s skills and attacks:

Baizhi’s active skills

Skill Effect
Basic attack – Destined Promise Baizhi commands You’Tan to perform up to four consecutive strikes, dealing glacio damage to enemies
Heavy attack Continuously consuming stamina allows You’Tan to attack enemies with glacio damage. During this heavy attack, Baizhi can command You’Tan to move
Mid-air attack Consuming stamina summons You’Tan to plunge toward the ground and deal a small AoE of glacio damage
Dodge counter Using a basic attack after a successful dodge attacks the target with glacio damage
Resonance skill – Emergency Plan Baizhi calls You’Tan to attack the target with glacio damage while healing all characters on the team – including co-op players
Resonance liberation – Momentary Liberation

Baizhi summons You’Tan to heal all characters on the team and generates four stacks of Remnant Entities

Remnant Entities
This follows the active characters on the field. One stack is consumed every 2.5 seconds to automatically attack targets, dealing glacio damage while healing the active character

Intro skill – Overflowing Frost Baizhi calls You’Tan to perform one plunging attack, dealing glacio damage and healing all characters
Outro skill – Rejuvenating Flow Baizhi heals the incoming resonator by 1.54% of her maximum HP every three seconds for 30 seconds. The resonator receiving this healing has their attribute damage boosted by 15% for six seconds

Baizhi’s passive skills

Skill Effect
Forte circuit – Cycle of Life You’Tan
You’Tan is a remnant creature that answers to Baizhi’s commands and desires while sharing her stats. If Baizhi dodges, You’Tan disappears.
Baizhi consumes all Concentration when using her heavy attack or resonance skill to heal all characters on nearby teammates.
Each Concentration she consumes provides one healing instance. These instances happen every two seconds.
When she consumes Concentration to cast a heavy attack, Baizhi restores concerto energy and resonance energy.
When she consumes Concentration to cast her resonance skill, she restores additional concerto energy.Forte Gauge: Concentration
Baizhi can hold four charges of concentration as seen on her forte gauge above her HP bar. She gains one Concentration for every basic attack that hits
Inherent skill – Harmonic Range
(unlockable at resonator rank two)

When Baizhi casts her resonance skill (Emergency Plan), You’Tan generates a field of Euphonia that lasts for 15 seconds.

The attack of the party member that picks up Euphonia increases by 15% for 20 seconds

Inherent skill – Stimulus Feedback (unlockable after Harmonic Range) Baizhi’s heavy attack heals the character with the lowest HP by 0.25% of her maximum HP

What is Baizhi’s resonance chain?

If you happen to get more than one Baizhi on any of the banners in Wuthering Waves – or purchase her wavebands from the store – you can unlock levels of her resonance chain. Her fifth sequence node is an important one as it provides a revival for a character if they fall during combat.

Here are the skills you get with Baizhi’s wavebands:

Resonance chain sequence Effect
Sequence node one – Complex Simplicity Baizhi’s resonance skill (Emergency Plan) restores an additional 2.5 resonance energy for every Concentration consumed
Sequence node two – Silent Tundra Baizhi’s resonance skill (Emergency Plan) increases her glacio damage bonus by 15% and her healing by 15%, if she has four Concentration stacks. This lasts for 12 seconds
Sequence node three – Veritas Lux Mea Baizhi’s intro skill (Overflowing Frost) increases her maximum HP by 12% for ten seconds
Sequence node four – Eternal Verity Using Baizhi’s resonance liberation enhances Remnant Entities in the following ways:
  • You can perform it two extra times
  • The healing multiplier increases by 20%
  • Deals extra glacio damage equal to 1.20% of Baizhi’s maximum HP
Sequence node five – A Wish Answered If a team member gets knocked out while Baizhi is alive on the team, she immediately revives them and restores their HP to 100%. This can trigger once every ten minutes
Sequence node six – Seeker’s Devotion When picking up Euphonia, all character’s glacio damage bonus increases by 12% for 20 seconds

Artwork showing wuthering waves baizhi drinking a cup of tea with YangYang

What’s the best weapon for Baizhi?

When picking a rectifier for Baizhi, you should prioritize any that boosts her HP, healing abilities, or energy regeneration so you can use her skills more often. We recommend the Comet Flare as it specifically gives her a boost to her healing and the Variation for the concerto energy restoration.

Weapon Effect
Comet Flare (four-star) When hitting targets with a basic or heavy attack, Baizhi’s healing increases by 3%. This can stack three times and lasts eight seconds. You can trigger this every 0.6 seconds
Variation (four-star) When Baizhi uses her resonance skill, she restores eight concerto energy. This can trigger once every 20 seconds
Rectifier of Voyage (three-star) When Baizhi uses her resonance skill, she restores 12 resonance energy. This can trigger once every 20 seconds
Rectifier#25 (four-star) When Baizhi releases her resonance skill, if her HP is below 60% she restores 5% of her HP. This can trigger once every eight seconds. If her HP is above 60%, her attack increases by 12% for ten seconds

What are the best echoes for Baizhi?

When picking an echo set for Baizhi, aim for a five-piece set of rejuvenating glow to boost her healing and provide a team-wide attack boost for 30 seconds. If you haven’t got a full set quite yet, you can use a two-piece of rejuvenating glow and a two-piece of moonlit clouds for some extra energy regeneration.

The best main echo to equip Baizhi with is the Bell Borne Geochelone, or a Stonewall Bracer, as both provide shields for your active character to go along with her healing capabilities.

Baizhi stat recommendations

When it comes to Baizhi’s echoes, you need to prioritize HP above all else – then healing bonus, and energy regeneration. Her healing scales off her HP, so you need to boost this the most.

Main stats

  • HP
  • Healing bonus
  • Energy regeneration


  • HP
  • Energy regeneration

What’s the best Baizhi team comp?

As Baizhi is a healer, you can use her in any team that you wish to keep safe. Her attack bonus is also non-conditional, so every DPS can make use of it. If you have her sixth sequence node, we recommend using her specifically with Wuthering Waves Lingyang as she provides a glacio damage boost.

Here are two examples of the best Baizhi team comp:

Slot one Slot two Slot three

Wuthering Waves Jiyan icon
Wuthering Waves Mortefi icon


Wuthering Waves Sanhua icon

What are Baizhi’s ascension materials?

As always, you’ll need a few materials to ascend Baizhi.

Ascension rank Materials required
One – level 20 5k shell credits and four LF howler cores
Two – level 40 10k shell credits, four wintry bells, three sound-keeping tacet cores, four MF howler cores
Three – level 50 15k shell credits, eight wintry bells, six sound-keeping tacet cores, eight MF howler cores
Four – level 60 20k shell credits, 12 wintry bells, nine sound-keeping tacet cores, four HF howler cores
Five – level 70 40k shell credits, 16 wintry bells, 12 sound-keeping tacet cores, eight HF howler cores
Six – level 80 80k shell credits, 20 wintry bells, 16 sound-keeping tacet cores, four FF howler cores

Here’s where to find all of Baizhi’s ascension materials:

  • Sound-keeping tacet cores
    • This item drops from the Lampylumen Myriad boss located below the Tiger’s Maw Mine
  • Lanternberries
    • These flowers grow around the Tigers Maw Mine, and you can purchase them from the florist in Jinzhou
  • LF, MF, HF, and FF howler cores
    • Obtain from normal enemies, the store, the weapon shop, or forgery challenges
  • Shell credits
    • Shell credits are the in-game currency, which you can obtain via farming, enemy and boss drops, through quests, or by selling things in the in-game store

Artwork showing wuthering waves baizhi and YouTan behind her

What are Baizhi’s forte materials?

Here are Baizhi’s total forte materials and where to find or buy them:

  • 25 LF howler cores, 28 MF howler cores, 40 HF howler cores, and 57 FF howler cores
    • Obtain from normal enemies, the store, the weapon shop, or forgery challenges
  • 25 lento helix, 28 adagio helix, 55 andante helix, and 67 presto helix
    • Obtain from the Misty Forest forgery challenge, via the synthesizer, Jinzhou’s weapon shop, or Jinzhou’s souvenir store
  • 26 monument bells
    • Obtain from the Bell-Borne Geochelone weekly challenge
  • 2,030,000 shell credits

Baizhi skill priority

Baizhi’s resonance skill and basic attack are his key skills to focus on, so build them in this order:

  • Resonance skill > basic attack > forte circuit > resonance liberation > intro skill

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