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What is the Zenless Zone Zero Discord and how do I join?

Joining the Zenless Zone Zero Discord is essential for all dedicated Proxies, so here’s our guide all about what it is and how to join.

Zenless Zone Zero Discord: Koleda Belobog posing next to a tilted, blue Discord logo with a white outline. The background is blurred but you can make out Ben Bigger to the left and Anton's arm to the right

The Zenless Zone Zero Discord is the place to be for all Proxies looking to make friends to explore the Hollows with, or those of you looking to learn about the latest in-game news. Here’s our guide to what the Discord server is, how to join, and how to complete the Discord quest for Version 1.0.

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Here’s the lowdown on Zenless Zone Zero’s Discord server.

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What is the Zenless Zone Zero Discord?

The ZZZ Discord is the official server for the game run by Hoyoverse where you can chat to other players, discuss strategy, and stay up to date with the latest events and characters. There are a range of channels for different languages so you can talk to fellow Proxies in your native tongue.

How do I join the Zenless Zone Zero Discord server?

Once you’ve made a Discord account on PC or mobile, you can join the Zenless Zone Zero Discord via this invitation. Once you join, select your language and server roles, agree to the terms and conditions, and decide whether you want to receive notifications or not. From there, you can explore the general chat, fan creations, and event channels at your leisure!

Promo graphic for the Zenless Zone Zero Discord sevrer and quest, using the Version 1.0 key art of Zhu Yuan and Ellen with blue text on a black background

How do I complete the Zenless Zone Zero Discord quest?

You can complete the Version 1.0 Discord quest between now and July 14, 2024, to earn yourself some extra in-game rewards via an exclusive Zenless Zone Zero code. All you need to do is stream 15 minutes of ZZZ to at least one friend in a voice channel to claim your prize. As a reward, you get a code for:

  • 30 polychrome
  • 12k denny
  • Three senior investigator logs 
  • Two W-engine energy modules 
  • One Bangboo system widget

That’s everything you need to know about the Zenless Zone Zero Discord server and quests. If you’re new to the game and want to build your agents, check out our build guides for Zenless Zone Zero’s Miyabi, Zenless Zone Zero’s Nicole, and Zenless Zone Zero’s Billy.