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Zenless Zone Zero is hardly hollow as it nets $20 million in a week

Zenless Zone Zero is an instant smash-hit for Hoyoverse, as the new action RPG easily pockets $20 million barely a week after launch.

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With gacha sensations like Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact propelling HoYoverse into the stratosphere, the sky is barely the limit as Zenless Zone Zero joins its superstar roster. The brand-new free-to-play mobile adventure is barely a week old, but that hasn’t stopped players from downloading it over 50 million times, with HoYoverse pocketing a cool $20 million in the process.

According to free mobile game statistic tracker App Magic, Zenless Zone Zero’s revenue is already heading toward the $50 million mark, with over $20 million secured in the bag already. If the game can continue at this breakneck pace, it will have a chance of knocking on the door of Honkai Star Rail – one of the best gacha games out there. To put Zenless Zone Zero’s unreal feat into perspective, the game only recently launched on Thursday, July 4, 2024.

Of course, the tracker doesn’t include revenue accumulated from other platforms, so it is possible that HoYoverse is taking an even bigger profit than App Magic reports. Comparatively, Honkai Star Rail managed to rake in a staggering $40 million in its first week of launch, and Genshin Impact saw astronomical feats beyond $870 million in 2021.

Zenless Zone Zero earnings: An image of Zenless Zone Zero's revenue on App Magic.

Alongside impressive profit gains, both games have collected numerous accolades, often competing against each other for award glory. However, it was Honkai Star Rail that triumphed at last year’s The Game Awards with a well-deserved Mobile Game of The Year win. With downloads easily surpassing 50 million for HoYoverse’s new mobile game, we’re eager to see where Zenless Zone Zero stacks up by the end of July.

Will it shatter the records set by HoYoverse’s other critical darlings? The stars are certainly aligning to make it happen. As the trucks of cash continue to head to HoYoverse HQ, there’s plenty to get stuck into right now in Zenless Zone Zero. Whether you’re looking for all the Zenless Zone Zero codes, Zenless Zone Zero banners, or wondering what Zenless Zone Zero events are on the horizon, we’ve got you covered.

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Combine those with our nifty Zenless Zone Zero tier list guide, and you’ll be the ultimate protector of New Eridu in no time.