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We have a date for the ZZZ pre-release special program

Mark your calendars, the Zenless Zone Zero special program date is here ahead of the game’s release - but, who’s that in the corner of the artwork?

ZZZ special program - official artwork showing off characters like Ellen, Zhu Yuan, and Von Lycaon

Good news, Proxies, the Zenless Zone Zero pre-release special program has a date so we can get a good look at New Eridu before we jump into the action – and perhaps, meet some new faces.

The Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 pre-release program, titled Welcome to New Eridu, goes live on June 28, at 19:00 (UTC+8). That’s 12:00 BST, 07:00 EST, and 04:00 PT for those who don’t go by UTC times.

The program will show us how the game looks ahead of the Zenless Zone Zero release date on July 4, with Hoyoverse’s Dawei and the dev team sharing tidbits and explanations on who the characters are and what we can do in each area.

Yeah, yeah, great – what we want to know is who the black-haired girl is that we’ve never seen before. Next to Zenless Zone Zero’s Billy and Zenless Zone Zero’s Nicole, you can see a new character that we don’t recognize. It’s not Zenless Zone Zero’s Zhu Yuan as she’s above the three of them, so who is this? She’ll surely be playable sooner rather than later, but is it a four- or five-star? What faction is she from? We have so many questions and we’re impatiently waiting for answers.

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Where can I watch the Zenless Zone Zero special program?

You can tune into the program on the official ZZZ Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages when the stream goes live on June 28, at 19:00 UTC+8, 12:00 BST, 07:00 EST, and 04:00 PT. While you wait, why not check out our Zenless Zone Zero interview with the game’s producer?

Of course, we’ll be on hand with the Zenless Zone Zero codes as they drop – so keep our page bookmarked to get all the pre-release goodies. You can also check out our guides for five-stars like Zenless Zone Zero’s Ellen, Zenless Zone Zero’s Lycaon, and Zenless Zone Zero’s Koleda.