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The greatest DJ of all time is coming to ZZZ

Looks like we’re getting the song of the summer from Tiesto to celebrate Zenless Zone Zero’s release - we sure didn’t see that coming.

zzz tiesto collaboration - a picture of Tiesto, Nicole, and Billy over a blurred background

Was this on your 2024 bingo card? A collaboration between Zenless Zone Zero and Tiesto? It sure wasn’t on ours, but we’re excited to see where it goes – and to be honest, ZZZ is heavily influenced by both dubstep and EDM, so a collab like this makes sense.

As revealed on the official ZZZ Twitter account with the hashtag ‘#TiestoZenless,’ Hoyoverse is cooking something up ahead of the Zenless Zone Zero release date early next month. This collaboration marks the first from ZZZ with a global artist, and it kicks off a series of celebrations for the game.

The song – or whatever it is they’re working on – looks to release on July 2, given the repeated ‘0702’ number in the teaser video. DJ duo Lucas and Steve also feature on the project, making this a stellar collab.

The teaser video gives us a teeny tiny snippet of what’s coming from Tiesto and Hoyoverse, showing off a ‘futuristic’ song. Zenless Zone Zero already has a great soundtrack filled with EDM and dubstep, and the music itself is a huge part of the game already, with the record store and disk drives we equip on each character. On top of the record store that main characters Wise and Bell inhabit, you can also visit Elfy’s record store in the game.

In fact, in our recent Zenless Zone Zero interview, we talk to the game’s lead producer, Zenhyu Li, about music and its importance in the ARPG title. Though he does suggest that the currently unknown music director is better to talk to about this, so we’re intrigued to find out who it is. Apparently, the two have been to EDM festivals together many times over the years.

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Li mentions that the music in ZZZ is quite different from a lot of other gacha games in the market, and we agree. While the sweeping orchestral songs of Genshin are excellent, it’s nice to have a different setting with a modern twist and a fresh soundtrack that you could vibe to in the gym as well as in-game. Ok, I have put the glorious Liyue soundtrack on while on the treadmill before.

In case you somehow don’t recognize the name Tiesto, he became known as the ‘greatest DJ of all time’ after being voted as such by Mix magazine in 2010. You’ve definitely heard his smash-hit Adagio for Strings somewhere.

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