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About us

Everything you need to know about Pocket Tactics.

Pocket Tactics aims to give you everything you need to get the best out of mobile and Nintendo Switch gaming and hardware. We’re dedicated to providing guides to all the biggest games, comprehensive lists to help you pick something new to play, reviews of the latest releases and tech as soon as possible to inform you before you buy, and news coverage to keep you up to date.

We have a dedicated and passionate editorial team, a great group of freelancers, and we’re doing everything we can to make the best site possible. If you have any feedback – good or bad – please do get in touch.

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Corporate information

Pocket Tactics was relaunched in 2020 and is a fully owned and operated subsidiary of Network N Media Limited. We’re the biggest mobile games site in the world and more recently started to cover Nintendo Switch as well.

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Network N Media Ltd. is registered in England and Wales under registration number 13951965. Our registered office is Network N Media Ltd. Circus Mews House, Circus Mews, Bath, England, BA1 2PW.

We’re always looking out for great stories, op-eds, guides, and features for the biggest and best games on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. We’re especially interested in promoting underrepresented voices from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Where to send pitches

Ruby Spiers-Unwin – [email protected]

Guides Editor:
Tilly Lawton – [email protected]

If it’s popular, we want to cover it extensively with guides. Everything we do is informed by keyword research though, so if you really want to impress us, come armed with figures from Google Trends or a third-party keyword tool. Think big – games on mobile or Nintendo Switch with enormous download figures.

Ruby Spiers-Unwin – [email protected]

Deputy Editor:
Kayleigh Partleton – [email protected]

Our news team covers mobile, Nintendo Switch, and hardware. You can contact either of the people above. We don’t tend to run freelance news as often as we do guides, but we can’t resist an excellent story.

Ruby Spiers-Unwin – [email protected]

We’re looking for stories around the biggest mobile or Nintendo Switch games and hardware that have a unique angle or a personal opinion – particularly those that will inspire conversation. We focus on the big free-to-play mobile titles, AAA and unique indie Nintendo Switch releases, and the latest portable hardware. Alternatively, check out App Annie, Sensor Tower, or any mobile app store charts tracker to find games with a high number of downloads.

Bipoc and other underrepresented backgrounds

We’re always looking to increase the visibility of underrepresented voices within our editorial output. We care deeply about diversity and inclusion and want to take an active stance against racism and injustice. We have an additional editorial freelance budget that’s reserved for commissioning content from writers of these backgrounds, so please don’t hesitate to pitch us.

We invite your ideas across all of our usual editorial output (see the pitching tips below), and, should you wish to, you are also welcome to pitch us about your personal experiences of gaming as a writer from a less-represented community; we want to increase diversity not only in the writers we commission but also in the content we publish.

Pitching tips

Got an idea? Here’s how to best capture our interest.

Lead with the headline
Whatever your pitch is, at some point, it’s going to need a headline that captures its essence in a digestible, appealing way. Lead with a great headline and it’s much easier for us to understand what makes it attractive. This also tells us that you’ve already got the conclusion in mind, so we know you’re presenting a complete argument.

One pitch at a time
You might have a lot of great ideas, but we want your best and most complete idea. A concise summary paragraph that tells us what topics and angles you’re going to talk about is ideal.

Word counts and turnaround
Alongside your pitch, we’d appreciate it if you told us what kind of turnaround and word count you have in mind for the piece. Carefully consider the word count, because while we’re open to long-form articles, we always prefer a concise, purposeful piece.

Show us your research
If you’re pitching a guide in particular, please show us that you’ve done the research. Bring key terms and figures, if you can, or something we can look at from Google Trends. Similarly, for feature pitches, we want to see supporting arguments and links to existing research that ties into the idea you’re presenting.

Previous experience?
If you’ve got links to relevant articles you’ve written then we’d love it if you include those with the pitch. We’re also very happy to work with new writers, so don’t hesitate to pitch if that’s you. If you currently don’t have any published work or a portfolio to send us, please provide a sample paragraph in the style of one of our guides or features.

Tell us what you’re playing, and what on
We’re interested in covering a ton of different games and genres, so if you’re getting in touch with us for the first time then please let us know what your specialities and current games are. You never know what expertise we might be on the lookout for. Similarly, it’s always good for us to know which platforms you can access, as we may well bring opportunities to you in the future based on this.