About Us

Meet the team behind Pocket Tactics and put some (pixelated) faces to the names

Pocket Tactics aims to give you everything you need to get the best out of mobile gaming. We’re dedicated to providing guides to all the biggest games, comprehensive lists to help you pick something new to play, reviews of the latest releases as soon as possible to inform you before you buy, and news coverage to keep you right up to date.

We have a dedicated and passionate editorial team, and a great group of freelancers, and we’re doing everything we can to make the best site possible. If you have any feedback – good or bad – please do get in touch.


It’s not ‘small’, it’s ‘compact’. Feedback, game tips, kind words of encouragement all welcome…

Glen Fox – Editor

Wants mobile gaming to be taken as seriously as other mediums, and works tirelessly in this pursuit. If he’s not playing Mario Kart Tour, he’s probably dead.
[email protected]

Cameron Bald – Staff Writer

Cameron would very much like you to believe that tough-as-nails roguelikes are his thing, but in reality you’ll most often find him blubbering about the latest cutesy Switch game.
[email protected]

Ruby Spiers-Unwin – Staff Writer

When not chasing a trio of ferrets around her home, Ruby loves to replay classic Final Fantasy titles on Switch.
[email protected]

Ben Maxwell – Group Editor

For all things to do with Network N’s editorial sites. He’s very friendly, and still obsessively plays Drop7’s Blitz mode every day.
[email protected]


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