Pocket Tactics has been weighing down the Internet with opinions about iOS & Android games since April 2012, and was amalgamated with Wargamer.com under Wargamer Ltd. in 2015. The two sites became three with the launch of Strategy Gamer in April 2017, and in February 2018 Wargamer Ltd. was closed and the three websites were sold to Network N Ltd.

Pocket Tactics is a Metacritic-listed website.

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Joe Robinson
joe.robinson [at] network-n [dot] com


Joseph Robinson - Editor

Joe has been writing about videogames since 2008, specialising in strategy and similar niches. His career has been diverse as it's been bonkers, working full-time at GameWatcher for a number of years before going freelance and getting bylines in Rock,Paper,Shotgun and PCGamesN, to name but a few. He even moonlighted as a PR for a couple of years, before becoming Editor of Pocket Tactics and its sister websites.

He loves cards games, but often finds digital versions wanting, and has recently been exploring new-found love of board games and war games. He’s also a big fan of utility apps, as they help him to build fleet lists for Star Wars: Armada

Regular Contributors

Michael Coffer

When not exploring the vacuous caverns of his own skull, Michael lives as a culturally omnivorious critic. His hobbies are his lifeblood, and they both experience a resurgence when he comes online (i.e., alive). A smattering of education, a smidgen of industry and a surfeit of vision led him to his present situation, which happily includes covering the goings-on of all things mobile here at Pocket Tactics. He has a special eye for puzzles, strategy, and strong narrative games, and will gush about his latest obsession at the drop of a hat. (Here's looking at you, Baba Is You)

Matt Skidmore

Since an early encounter with Space Invaders, Matt has been wasting his time playing games. Not just videogames but, as his creaking bedroom shelves will testify, boardgames too. Consequently, any games with a sniff of the retro or of a cardboard origin are right up his alley.

Richard 'Dick' Page

Dick loves games so much he wrote a 60,000 word dissertation about them that no one will ever read. His writing has also been published with PCGamesN and Unwinnable Magazine. He loves old-school classics, board games, and any game that can show him something new.

Jarrett Green

Jarrett Green is a mobile connoisseur from the US. When writing critiques, guides, and features about handheld offerings all over the genre spectrum, he tries to add extra 'e' here and there to fit in with you blokes.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith has been playing games ever since he was young - both on mobile and consoles. He is currently a freelancer with Pocket Tactics, as well as IGN, GameSpot, Polygon, and more. When he isn’t writing about games, you can find him playing things like Mario Kart Tour or Super Mario Odyssey.


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