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The tiny 8BitDo Micro controller adds some power to your pocket

Popular hardware manufacturer 8BitDo unveils the 8BitDo Micro controller, a pocketable controller perfect for Switch and Android devices.

8BitDo Micro Controller: four small controllers are on a desk, two blue, and two green

We’re absolutely drowning in controllers over here at Pocket Tactics, with so many incredible new products on the market each and every year. However, we might be able to make room for the 8Bitdo Micro controller, and not just because of its diminutive size. We’d love to slot it into our guide to the best Switch controllers alongside its bigger counterpart, the 8BitDo Ultimate.

8BitDo’s latest device is just 24.8g in weight, meaning you are likely to barely even notice it in your bag. While the company also previously released the tiny 8Bitdo Zero 2, which feels more like a keychain than a functional product. Instead, the new Micro features 16 buttons (no analog sticks, unsurprisingly) and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Meanwhile, the8BitDo Micro also works with both Switch and Android, either as a controller or as a multi-tasking device. You can use the 8BitDo app to map functions to the Micro buttons, and one piece of promotional art shows it as a rather handy Procreate accompaniment. We’ll have to go hands-on to truly test the ergonomics, but if you want to quickly play some Tetris, SNES games, or maybe a simple RPG, this tiny device looks like a really neat product that can easily fit in your travel bag.

When is the 8BitDo Micro release date?

8BitDo release the Micro controller on August 24, 2023.

Is there an 8BitDo Micro trailer?

No, there isn’t an 8BitDo Micro trailer just yet, but you can see more images and the full details over at the 8Bitdo website. However, you can check out a trailer for their previous product the 8BitDo Ultimate controller below, as well as our 8BitDo Ultimate review here.

YouTube Thumbnail

That’s all we have on the 8BitDo Micro controller for now, but if you’re eager to play some games with the diminutive device, check out our guide to the best Switch RPGs next.