Our A Handheld History giveaway has now ended

The latest premium physical production from Lost in Cult in conjunction with Retro Dodo, celebrate the Game Boy and beyond in our A Handheld History giveaway

a handheld history giveaway: promotional images show two copies of the premium gaming journal known as A Handheld History

If you love video games and premium gaming journals you may have already come across Lost In Cult for its stellar production in the form of [lock-on] magazine, which just recently finished its wildly successful crowdfunding campaign for its fourth volume. Well clearly with no regard for their free time, the Lost in Cult team has recently partnered up with vintage gaming enthusiasts and hardware aficionados Retro Dodo to produce A Handheld History.

Designed as the almanac of all handheld gaming and the bible of all Game Boys, A Handheld History is a comprehensive guide to every possible portable device the industry has ever known, also stacked with beautiful unique artwork and insightful articles exploring every entry. Well, thanks to the lovely folks over at Lost in Cult and Retro Dodo, ahead of it’s impending release we have two physical copies of A Handheld History to offer to two very lucky readers in our A Handheld History giveaway.

This giveaway runs until August 31 and is open to both US and EU residents. We’ll pick one of the two winners from each region. If you live outside of the US or the EU, make sure you come back another time for one of our other giveaways. We’ll pick the two winners on September 1, and prizes will ship out once they provide their delivery information, and as soon as A Handheld History goes to print. Best of luck!

All you need to do to enter our giveaway is fill out the box below. However, please be aware that this competition is for US and EU readers only! If you do enter, please also check out our terms and conditions.
PT – A Handheld History giveaway

Good luck with the competition, but if you’re impatient and want to play something on your handheld today, be sure to check out our huge guide to the very best Switch games and find a new title to play today.